Structural Funds in Italy

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1. Structural Funds 3
2. Success Story: NETWET 2 - Networking Perspectives of Transnational Co-operation and Participatory Planning for Integrated Water Resources Management through the promotion of new forms of Spatial Governance 4
3. Success story: Structural Funds for a natural park 10
4. Structural Funds for the period 2007-2013 14
5. Operational Programme 'Sicily' 15
6. References 20

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1. Structural Funds
The setting-up of the Structural Funds is the result of determination of the EU MS to conduct actions in favour of regions that encounter development problems. This determination is based on the concept of the economic and social cohesion which has gradually led to the definition of the European regional policy.
European regional development fund
The ERDF aims to correct the imbalances within the EU's regions by reducing the gap between the levels of development and contributing in the conversion of the regions. The EU ERDF website provides a complete definition of this structural fund and information on its areas of intervention in accordance with the 3 objectives (Convergence, Regional Competitiveness and Employment, European Territorial Cooperation)
European Social Fund 
As one of the structural funds, the ESF is the EU's financial instrument for supporting economic development and for investing in people within the EU. This website provides more information on European social fund (its definition, its fields of activity and the ESF projects) as well as an interactive map with funding areas and programme details per region.
2. Success Story: NETWET 2 - Networking Perspectives of Transnational Co-operation and Participatory Planning for Integrated Water Resources Management through the promotion of new forms of Spatial Governance
Lead partner
Center of Euro-Mediterranean Regions for the Environment (KEPEMEP-MEDREGIO)
Thrassyvoulou 13 - 15
10555 Athens
4 - Environmental protection
4.3 - Integrated water management 
Call for project proposals
1st Call
Short description
NetWet 2 focuses on the development of transnational cooperation in the field of water management through the promotion of integrated management methods and the development of new conditions for "bottom-up" participatory spatial planning and promotion of new forms of deliberation and "spatial governance". The main NetWet 2 objectives has been the improvement of sustainable best practices for the management of aquatic systems and ecosystems in coastal areas and for the protection of flood risk areas in relation to drought phenomenon. One aim of the project has been to develop innovative tools and methodologies for the environmental monitoring of the water resources (remote sensing and GIS). Through telematic applications in the field of water resources management structures for transnational distance e-cooperation should be established. NetWet 2 project focuses on a series of important spatial concepts: (a) Development of spatial functional synergies in order to establish a fixed functional interdependence among the varied sectoral actions. Specialised scientific research is taking into account the regional policies and supporting the promotion of spatial strategies for water. (b) Integrated spatial development approaches: NetWet 2 aims at developing integrated and multisectoral approaches with a strong spatial dimension. As a result, an attempt is being made at an integrated synthesis of the varied sectoral approaches through the promotion of new forms of "spatial governance" (including the water resources management spatial plans/Water Framework Directive). (c) The "bottom-up" participation of all actors involved in the project theme guarantees the direct territorial dimension and ensures the direct spatial impact of the project.

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