Discuss the proposition that social control can be exerted upon individuals in a variety of ways and assess whether it is more observable today than at any other point in time

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The following essay will discuss the social control and how it can be exerted upon individuals. Also it will look into whether social control is more observable today than at any other point in time. As "we live in a society that is straining for control "(Iness 2003, p.1) there are a number of means, ways and mechanisms of intervention and social control, which are assessed through the actions of individuals being rewarded in accordance with the prescribed rules, and amended the deviant and immoral norms. The notion of social control was specified by the American school of "sociological jurisprudence", which was concerned with the mechanisms and levers that ensure the cohesion of any society and its functionality. Adherents of this orientation started from the finding that in any society, social order is neither spontaneous nor instinctive, but is the result of both the psychological pressure and the normative and cultural influences through institutions and institutionalized factors. Consequently, in every society there is a mix of means and instruments of pressure, persuasion and coercion, which ensures the maintenance of behavior appropriate members of the models of rules, duties or obligations, rejecting the behaviors that deviate or transgresses this model.
In the first part of the essay will define what social control is and how is exerted upon us in different ways. Also will look at how social control has changed and if it is more observable today than any other time. 
In the second part of the essay will have a look on the arousing interest of the majority of sociologists, upon social control, as a concept and reality of study could be the first analyzes and early forms of sociology. This is why the ranks that follow will seek to pursue different theorizing of social control in major schools of sociology, and thereby outline an overview of the subject.
Social control focuses on the techniques and strategies that regulate human behavior and lead by conformity, or by obedience to the rules of society. The more a person is involved and concerned with the values and contractual activities the smallest the probability that one violate the rules of society. In its most general sense, social control is all the means and mechanisms governing socio-cultural, guide, change or influence the behavior of individuals in society, in order to comply value-normative system and balance society as a system as Kendall (p.114, 2014) argued, social control is the attempt of certain people "usually ... by those who posses social power " in order to create laws and norms. E.A Ross (2009, p.98 ) argues in his book that no society can function properly without the existence of means and mechanisms of coercion, and award capable of providing maintenance behavior appropriate members of a community or society in the model rules, duties and conduct accepted by rejecting or suppressing illegal or deviant behaviors.
Social control refers to all institutions, practices and procedures by which a private company maintains respect for social norms and seek to reduce social actions deviant nature. Inees (Iness 2003, p.4) describes social control as a way of keeping the social practices. Therefore it refers to mechanisms, which ensure compliance with the social norms. Social control is fundamental to the existence of any society or community. In any society, social order is neither spontaneous nor instinctive, it is both the result of psychological pressure, suggestions and actions to stimulate and persuasion, and of normative and cultural influences through institutions. According to this social control is defined as a system that tries to correct the comportment of certain people that are considered as deviant and trouble makers.(Iness,2003,p.3). On the other hand Horwitz (cited in Innes, 2003, p.4) argues that social control is not a system to correct people but "serves to maintain the ways of life and social practices of groups."

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  • Discuss the proposition that social control can be exerted upon individuals in a variety of ways and assess whether it is more observable today than at any other point in time.docx

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