Negotiation Strategies

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Moment by moment, hour by hour, each of us have our own personal interest or point of view. Every one persuades or is persuaded. Every baby has something to exchange whit someone else and they must reach an understanding. Still, before reaching to an agreement, people inevitably go through a state of discord more or less conflictual. This can happen whether they exchange emotions, feelings, ideas, opinions, money or products.
The art of relating to your business partner, avoiding conflicts, can take the name of negotiation. If you master the art of negotiation, you will have an extra chance to avoid your partner "NO". It means that you know how to orient, influence and manipulate his behavior to make him say "YES".
In everyday life, at home, at work, in the street, particulary in diplomacy and in the contemporary business world, negotiation and the negotiator have acquired an incredible importance, hard to assess.
In business, if you master the art of negotiation you will have an extra chance to earn more and to keep a good relation whit your business partner. When you negotiate well, you can orient, influence and manipulate your partner to make him cooperate. The secret lays in attracting him towards a game such as "Let's win together".
No matter where and between whom it is carried, negotiation uses rhetoric, logic and elements of argumentation theory. Notions like: offer, demand, position, claim, objection, compromise, concession argument, transaction, argumentation, test can often appear in the negotiation process. At the same time, the non-verbal communication elements like: facial expression, mimic, gesticulation, posture, clothes, the general aspect can have undeniable importance. The culture of the partners and the negotiation power of negotiating parts are other indispensable elements. Elements of tactic an strategy, traps and rhetoric tricks, as well as knowledge in the field of perception psychology can play a decisive part in acquiring great advantages in exchange.
Negotiation is a talent, an inmate gift but also an ability obtained through experience an learning. The negotiator profession is one of the best in business, diplomacy and politics.
On the whole, negotiation appears like a condense and interactive form of interpersonal communication in which two or more parts in discard aim at arriving to an understanding which solves a common problem or purpose. The understanding of parts can take the form of a simple verbal accord, a protocol or an application later, rapidly drawn up, as well as a convention or a contract, drawn up according to universal proceeding and usances but it can also mean a truce, a pact or an international treaty drawn up according to specific proceedings.

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