Market Analyses for a Product on the Romanian Market

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1. Market area.
- geographical territory inside which the product(service) is sold at the level of year 2012
- sales structure of the product(service) depending on geographical regions , administrative-territorial divisions or developing regions ( only one criteria will be used ) at the level of year 2012.
2. Market structure.
- the main segments of the market to whom the product(service) is addressed to will be defined depending on the following criteria : social-demographic, economic, psychographic and behavioral. Please define through this criteria the target for that product(service).
- If the product(service) addresses to all three categories of costumers: natural persons, households and legal persons please draw up the target for each one of this categories.
- Segmentation criteria presented before are for orientation purposes only, if depending on the market studied by you other criteria are used please specify which.
- The usage of all the criteria presented before is not compulsory

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