Export Business Plan

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The major products of the company are:
1) Aerated autoclaved concrete
2) Mineral basaltic wool
3) Terracotta tiles
4) Polystyrene
5) Roof tiles
6) Marble tiles
The product with best potential for international trade is:
1) Mineral basaltic wool
The reasons that make our product unique for an overseas market are:
1) Competitive price
2) High quality
Reasons for the international buyers to purchase our company's products are:
1) Competitive price
2) High quality
3) Good location
4) Low transportation expenses
5) Low import taxes
Inventory to sell overseas: 10% of the entire production - 400 tones
Products Reason for export success
1) Mineral wool High quality and a competitive price
Good location and low transportation expenses
Low import taxes
DECISION POINT: The product we have chosen to sell overseas is mineral basaltic wool.
Our long-term goals for this business are:
- increase export sales by 10% - 30% annually
- increase production for exports by 50%
- the exports sales should have a 20% average of the company's total sales
- establish a distribution network with at least 5 distributors in each export country
- the cost for export production should be maintained constant
- increase market share up to 10% in each country
- increase the advertising budget by 60%
Our short-term goals are:
- attending to international fairs
- sending our company's presentation and offers to as many companies as possible
- increasing the company's image by advertising on foreign markets
- increasing the occasional sales on each market
- establish a business relation with a international spedition company
- attend export and other related seminars
Our two-year goal is:
- establish a durable business connection with 1 company (distributor) on each market
Action plan to reach our short-terms goals:
- to hire highly qualified personal to fulfill the company's tasks
- to adopt new ways of thinking and working (brainstorming, weekly meetings,etc.)
- to connect the company to all necessary media (Internet, Radio, TV)
- to have articles about the company in specialized magazines
- to connect the company to the Chamber of Commerce and International Trade (local headquarters)
- Industry's growth for the next 3 years: 10%
- Industry's growth in the international market: 12%

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