Trade Policy

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Why it is necessary for each national economy to participate in the world economic circuit? 
External trade as a factor for economic growth must ensure :
the endowment of national economy with the factors of production;
use of domestic resources surplus or export specialisation;
diversification of domestic supply of goods and services; 
enlarging the productive capacities;
A favourable climate on apolitical, military, ethnical, religious or cultural field. 
International trade is a demand for difference: where everything is identical, trade becomes useless.
Trade policy:
accomplishes the state's external function, 
concerns exports, imports and economic and techno-scientific cooperation,
pursues primarily the national interests, the use of external economic relations as an active and effective factor for economic growth,
includes all the regulations (administrative, fiscal, budgetary, monetary, banking, etc.) a state could use to enhance or to restrict external trade.
Trade policy must fulfil two opposite functions, which could be found in different shares in any state's regulations, namely:
a promotion function,
a protection function,
Another function is to establish a dynamic equilibrium within the balance of trade and the balance of payments, and simultaneously to increase the official reserve.

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