Project Management - Eurolds 1997

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Project management
Welcome aboard!!
Welcome to the project management session
Objectives of the session
To give a framework for project planning including exchange 
To start a process aimed to define clear objectives and precise plans to achieve them
Structure of the session
Programmes & projects
Ground rules
Project definition
Results evaluation
Resources management
Follow up
The P&P approach
Everything we do can be regarded as a project
An exchange project
The recruitment
The fund raising
The annual report
The job raising
The P&P approach
What is a real AIESEC project?
It is a project that exchanges people for a positive life changing experience
Results projects
Resource projects
Management projects (support)
Key principles
AIESEC has to focus on results and needs to measure its external impact.
Empowerment trough responsibility
People in charge of our projects should be completely responsible for the way they achieve the planned results.
Allow the association to react/proact to the different environments in which we work, while maintaining a clear focus on the issues addressed linking projects under programmes.

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