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Part 1. Overall framework for the implementation of the Production Management System
1.1 General data about the company: short history, activity domain, locations, placing, etc. (one page maximum)
Founded in 1993, in Cluj Napoca, Romania, Jolidon gained undisputed leadership of the Romanian market of lingerie and swimwear, also becoming one of the major players of the international market Jolidon's successful story may seem right out of the Hollywood movies: an entrepreneur, Gabriel Cirlig, identified on the Romanian market after '89 two types of products that were necessary, but not so present, namely underwear and bathing suits. He started a small business, together with a few dedicated and ambitious people, that has become in 20 years a factory whose size intimidates any lingerie manufacturer in Europe.
Currently, Jolidon International Group has over 2500 employees and a chain of 87 stores, in major cities and shopping centers of Romania. Moreover, Jolidon's products are available in all major supermarket and hypermarket chains in the country. Jolidon products are exported throughout Europe: Italy, France, Hungary, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Latvia, Austria, Cyprus, Malta but also in the United States, Canada, Japan or South Africa, Lebanon and Israel. 
TIMELINE durin it's activity:
1993-1994 Enters the Romanian market, starting from Transilvania region
1995-1998 Expands its presence on the Romanian market, following to gain the leader status
1998 Opening subsidiary in Bucharest
2000 Gaining market leadership position and first subsidiary abroad Jolidon KFT Budapest
2001 Opens the Jolidon Italia SRL subsidiary, in Milan
2003 Opens the Jolidon France SARL subsidiary, in Paris
2004 Acquires Argos SA
2004-2008 Develops its retail chain in Romania
2005 Opening a subsidiary in Lyon
2006 Wins the excellence award ,,Ultralingerie" at SIL Paris; Acquires LCS Conf SA and Acquires Interdealer Capital Invest SA
2008 Acquires the majority of Tricotaje Ineu SA
2009 Acquires Lilly Italia Spa and rebranding
2009 Opens the Lilly Poland subsidiary in Lodz and Wins the ,,Grand Jury Priz" and the ,,Public Prize" at Ultralingerie SIL Paris
2009-2011 Changes its business model and focusing on emerging markets (Russia, Ukraine, Middle East , Southeast Asia )
2012 Opens on-line shops 
1.2. Product/service structure
No. Crt. Group of goods/services Approximate number of assortments Sales Volume Percentage in total sales
1 Lady 13 57751784 RON 60%
2 Men 3 24063243 RON 25%
3 Kids 3 14437946 RON 15%
Total 19 96252973 RON 100%
The main categories of goods for each group of products are:
Lady: beach dresses; swimsuits; bras; panties; corsets; babydoll's; body's; tops; pajamas; petticoats; XLbras; XL panties; accessories.
Men: undershirts; panties; swimsuits.
Kids: undershirts; panties; swimsuits.
The period of time that sales volume is makeing reference is 2012.
As souces of data I used: 
1.3. Analysis of the external economic environment: the market, the level of competitiveness, opportunities and threats (two pages maximum). It is recommended that the date should be structured under the form of graphs, charts, etc.
a) The description of the market: the targeted market segment, the market trend, the competition.
To become competitors on the international markets the companies from the less developed countries must carefully choose their strategies. They must try to capitalize the advantages that the economic environment in which they are active offers them and take into consideration the flexibility that the reduced dimensions offer them.
Through the combination of the low costs with the high qualification of the work force offer them a competitive advantage, which if properly used can bring multiple benefits.
The currnet locations for romainie Jolidon's stores are: Alba Iulia, Alexandria, Arad, Bacau, Baia Mare, Bistrita, Braila, Brasov, Bucuresti, Buzau, Cluj, Constanta, Craiova, Focsani, Galati, Giurgiu, Iasi, Miercurea Ciuc, Oradea, Petrosani, Pitesti, Ploiesti, Ramnicu Valcea, resita, Satu Mare, Sibiu, Slobozia, Suceava, Tragu Jiu, Targu Mures, Timisoara, Turnu Severin, Vaslui, Zalau.

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