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1.Introduction	3
Glasgow as a settlement	3
2.Attractions	4
3.Art & architecture	6
Museums & Galleries	6
Theatres	8
A little bit of history	8
4.Education	9
Pupil's education	9
Schools	10
5.Glasgow Weather	10
6.Travelling in Glasgow	11
7.Food	12
8.Industry	12

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Glasgow as a settlement
Glasgow is Scotland's largest city and the centre of the ship building trade. It is also the home of two well-known football clubs, Glasgow Rangers and Celtic. This large city is built on the banks of River Clyde. The name Glasgow means "dear green place" and it is known for its spacious and relaxing parks and green areas. It has the feel of a major European city, yet manages to retain a distinctive Scottish flavour whilst offering a warm welcome to visitors. A wide range of accommodation is available, from luxury hotel to homely Scottish Bed & Breakfast - Glasgow has something for everyone. The city's increasingly high profile as an international conference and tourism centre has seen the availability and variety of accommodation rise accordingly. 
Glasgow is a shopper's paradise, with all the big retail names resident in the city. It is recognised as Scotland's major shopping destination and a visit to one of the designer malls such as Buchanan Galleries & Princes Square brings a touch of style and elegance to the overall shopping experience. Other retail "must sees" include the St Enoch & Braehead Centres, Buchanan & Argyle Streets and the Merchant City.
There are so many wonderful tourist attractions to see in Glasgow that there is sure to be something for everyone, with popular tourist attractions both in the centre of Glasgow and nearby.
Whether you are looking for Glasgow thrills and excitement, historic exhibitions and displays, or animals and family-based attractions, tourists and visitors will not have to look far in Glasgow, one of Scotland's most important cities. Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Glasgow.
Glasgow Guided Bus Tours - Glasgow, Scotland
Open-top hop on / off Glasgow guided bus tours operate throughout the day at regular intervals in central Glasgow. These Glasgow bus tours provide tourists with an easy way of sightseeing in Glasgow and with daily hop on / off tickets, they are also a very useful way to travel around Glasgow, since you can leave the bus to explore and get back on when you are ready. The Glasgow bus tours connect all of the major points of interest in Glasgow, including numerous tourist attractions, landmarks and monuments in Glasgow.
The Pavilion Theatre
The Pavilion Theatre is one of Glasgow's most important and popular theatres and can be found in the heart of Glasgow city centre. Seating around 1,500 people, attractions at Glasgow's Pavilion Theatre include a large, domed ceiling, mosaic floors, musicals, dramas, comedies and seasonal pantomimes. The Pavilion Theatre is located close to Glasgow's Buchanan Street train station. Attraction open: Monday to Saturday - 10:00 to 20:00, variable performance times.
Paisley is a small town nearby Glasgow, in the Renfrewshire area, and is most famous for its fabric design known as

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