Green Finance

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1. Introduction 3
1.1 Main Definitions . 5
1.2 Difference Between Sustainable Finance and Green Finance 5
1.3 States that have introduced green finance criteria .. 6
2. The Approach of the Subject in the Clothing Industry .. 7
2.2 Fast Fashion .. 13
2.2.1 Brands To Avoid ... 14
2.2.2 H&M Sustainability Report .. 17
2.3 What Can Businesses Do to Protect the Environment? 19
3. Conclusion 22
References .. 23

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1. Introduction
The term “green finance” describes financial operations that promote investments and are socially and environmentally responsible. It seeks to advance sustainable growth while reducing the damaging effects of economic activity on the community and the environment.
Accelerating the shift to a low-carbon and stable future is one of the key objectives of green finance. This can be done via funding bioenergy activities, energy-saving programs, and “green” infrastructure. In addition, green finance encourages the creation of green tech across various industries, including manufacturing, forestry, and agriculture.
Both industrialized and developing states are witnessing an increase of green finance sector. This comprises public and particular organizations that are making a deep influence on encouraging financial support for activities with a focus on sustainability.
- Companies can aid green finance in a multitude of ways. The most popular method is through offering green bonds, that are meant to raise money for projects that benefit the planet. By 2023, the market for green bonds may be valued at $2.36 trillion worldwide. Other possibilities involve green equity and green loans, which supply capital for energy-efficient schemes.
- Governments may greatly facilitate green finance by taking on different roles. Environmentally sustainable behaviors and technologies can be boosted through policy initiatives like tax incentives and subsidies. To help the funding of these projects and ensure that environmental policies are firmly and uniformly implemented, governments could also set up green investment funds or guarantee mechanisms
- Investors have the chance to have a significant effect on the environment while reducing their exposure to financial risk by using green finance. They must consider both ecological and economic objectives in order to establish a remarkable strategy. Adopting new risk management strategies like impact investing, environmental reporting, and green ratings may be necessary for this.
Financial decisions should also take environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) considerations into account.
Green finance has numerous benefits, in addition to certain downsides. The lack of accountability and consistency in the reporting of green investments is one of the primary challenges. Due to this, it is tough for financial institutions and investors to determine the true environmental impact of their investments and green assets. Moreover, there is an insufficient comprehension of green finance among the general public and those who make economic decisions 
Source: Dr. Nannette Lindenberg
Source: Dr. Nannette Lindenberg
1.1 Main Definitions
For two main causes, we have yet to establish a widely recognized definition of green finance: lots of articles fail to properly describe the term, and secondly, the meanings that are put forward vary considerably:
- “Green finance is a broad term that can refer to financial investments flowing into sustainable development projects and initiatives, environmental products, and policies that encourage the development of a more sustainable economy Mitigation and adaptation finance is specifically related to climate change related activities: mitigation financial flows refer to investments in projects and programs that contribute to reducing or avoiding greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) whereas adaptation financial flows refer to investments that contribute to reducing the vulnerability of goods and persons to the effects of climate change” (Höhne et al., 2012).
- “For the banking sector, green finance is defined as financial products and services, under the consideration of environmental factors throughout the lending decision making, ex-post monitoring and risk management processes, provided to promote environmentally responsible investments and stimulate low-carbon technologies, projects, industries and businesses” (Pricewaterhouse Coopers Consultants, 2013).
- “Most important is that it includes operational costs of green investments not included under the definition of green investment. Most obviously, it would include costs such as project preparation and land acquisition costs, both of which are not just significant but can pose distinct financing challenges” (Zadek & Flynn, 2013).

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