Xperia X1

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"XPERIA- represents the first brand that is truly borne from within Sony Ericsson. It represents our vision for a premium, energised communication experience," said Dee Dutta, Head of Marketing, Sony Ericsson. "This launch, and the announcement of the X1, further strengthens the overall Sony Ericsson brand and places us at the forefront of mobile convergence."
  The official press release from Sony Ericsson: 
The world of our consumers and customers is changing. To meet the growing need for mobile Web communication and multimedia entertainment, Sony Ericsson introduces XPERIA- With this new brand Sony Ericsson will position itself at the forefront of 
mobile convergence   
Barcelona, Spain - 10th February 2008 - Today marked the launch of XPERIA- - and a new era in mobile communications with the announcement of the XPERIA- X1, a stand-out, arc slider phone from Sony Ericsson designed to address the growing need for a premium, converged mobile experience.

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