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The Roumanian regions reunites zones with tradition and turistic potential, either geographical reasons, either etnografics and folkloric reasons. Muntenia, Oltenia, Dobrogea, Moldova, Bucovina, Maramuresul, Transilvania and Banatul each have theire charm. Although Romania is a relatively small country, it's land and countryside offers quite a few attractions never to be found somewhere else in the world. A high percentage of natural ecosystems is covered with natural and semi-natural ecosystems Since almost half of all forests in Romania (13% of the country) have been managed for watershed conservation rather than production, Romania has one of the largest areas of undisturbed forest in Europe. There are also almost 400 unique species of mammals (of which Carpathian chamois are best known), birds, reptiles and amphibians in Roumania.
There are almost 10,000 km2 of protected areas in Romania. Of these, Danube Delta Reserve Biosphere is the largest and least damaged wetland complex in Europe, covering a total area of 5,800 km2. The significance of the biodiversity of the Danube Delta has been internationally recognised. 
A Bucharest ( Days 1-4)
The tour begins in the crowded city of over 2 milion poeple. It is the country's capital and is the most populous and most important town. In addition, in the centre of the capital there is a small artificial lake - Lake Cismigiu - surrounded by the Cismigiu Gardens. The Cismigiu Gardens have a rich history, being frequented by famous poets and writers.
Right in the historical and geographical centre of Bucharest stands an impressive building that strikes the eye by its particular style. It is the Palace of the Romanian Parliament, a "giant" built during the "golden age" of the dictatorial regime and born in the mind of a man for whom the notion of "reasonable size" did not exist. As size is the second largest building in the world. Today, the monumental building stands for the most precious symbol of democracy in Romania, that is the Parliament.
The Botanical Garden from Bucharest is on this place since 1884. The garden has: ornamental plants sector, geographical groupes (rare plants from Romanian flora, Mediterranean plants), Dobrogea flora sector, waterflow, Italian garden, rosarium, useful plants sector, "plants system" sector, bushes - dendrarium, and the greenhouse complex.
B Constanta ( Days 6-7)
Constanta is a coastal Black Sea town in
southern Dobrogea, Romania, the second most important city in the country and, during summer, a beautiful touristic city. It is the Romania's largest seaport, a great city to begin to explore

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