Transformator Electric

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This manual is directed towards the persons in charge of the assembly of the transformer,
his/her employees and the operating company. Among other things, the information
that is provided is to be taken into account in order to prepare the installation location
and surrounding environment in such a way that the opportunity is given to assemble,
connect and operate the transformer immediately upon delivery.
For organisational reasons it may be necessary to store the transformer at the installation
location or other places before placing into operation. In this case please pay particular
attention to the chapter on "storage".
It is assumed that the local building regulations, the electrical equipment requirements, all
pertinent safety regulations and relevant environment protection specifications were and
will be adhered to during all preliminary planning and measures.
We will not undertake any guarantee for damages caused by the non-observation of the
existing manual or any other form of negligence.
Should you have any questions that are not dealt with here, please contact ABB AG,
Transformer Division, Brilon quoting the order number.
The document to hand is an integral part of the documentation on the RESIBLOC(R) casting
resin transformer.

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