The Violation of Intimacy

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1. Introduction
I have chosen this theme because in my opinion, laws are the main source of what we call ,,society" in our days. When I say ,,laws" I am referring to any form of guidance, conduct, manner of life classified in moral laws, religious and constitutional laws. Lack of laws would head to chaos, to a world where everyone would do what they want. Moral concepts are what an individual uses to guide his actions and decisions, and are usually founded during childhood and developed while reaching maturity. Usually parent's behavior has a huge impact among the mind of a youngster because it is parents the ones that define what ,,right and wrong" mean. However, both the social background and television do have a major influence nowadays. 
In the paste the Church had a great power over the society and this was a form of moral constraint and a first form of what is generally called ,,law". In our days, all rights and obligations are guaranteed in most countries by the Constitution. 
From all the laws I could find I wanted to talk about the right to privacy and intimacy, and the violation of these laws because, in my point of view, it is one of the most disturbing, as an individual, to lack these aspects. Privacy is a popular word, and the government tries to protect our privacy. A property right is, among other things, the right to exclude others; an intellectual property right in information is the right to exclude others from communicating the information, a right to stop others from speaking about things they do not own. 
The most well known category that violates these rights are known as ,,paparazzi"; they have the freedom to reveal information as much as we have the right to protect our intimacy. I think everyone should have his privacy respected, and harming so, paparazzi use shocking headlines so that their magazine would be bought, and the fact that both true and untrue intimate information about someone, being rudely exposed can sometimes destroy lives.
We are all entitled the right to intimacy, to keep some information about ourselves, actions of the past not being exposed as if each and every one of our lives were a ,,showroom" or a ,,circus" where the other people could point the finger, unless we decide to where and when we are ready.
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Privacy is a fundamental human right. It underpins human dignity and other values such as freedom of association and freedom of speech. It has become one of the most important human rights of the modern age. 
Privacy is recognized around the world in diverse regions and cultures. It is protected in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and in many other international and regional human rights treaties
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[Our] law of privacy attempts to preserve individuality by placing sanctions upon outrageous or unreasonable violations of its sustenance. This, then, is the social value served by the law of privacy, and it is served not only in the law of tort, but in numerous other areas of the law as well
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The right to be let alone was never imagined to be a normative directive to leave individuals totally alone. It articulates a value in leaving people alone, in certain kinds of ways, and in limited contexts. Exactly what these kinds of ways that people are entitled to be left alone are, or what precisely the contexts in which this entitlement holds, are the subject of great moral, legal, and constitutional controversy
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It's bad enough when one person violates your privacy, but it's much worse when a whole group of strangers is collectively involved in the violation

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