The Union Cathedral

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This report describes the Union Cathedral, which is one of the most important touristic objectives from Alba Iulia.
During 1921 and 1922 the magnificent Cathedral, along with the whole architectural complex which surrounds it, was built as a symbol of national unity and as a memorial of the Metropolitan Church built by Mihai Viteazul, in order to offer a proper place for the crowning of King Ferdinand. (In 1597 the Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral was rebuilt because, over the years, the Church was damaged by fire - by Mihai Viteazul.) The plans for the building of the Cathedral in Alba Iulia were designed by the architect V. Gh. Stefanescu and were executed by the engineer T. Eremia. On 21st of October 1948, the ceremony of the Reunification of the Romanian Orthodox Church took place in the Cathedral.
The frescoes on the walls were done by Costin Petrescu. The inside decoration consist of special paintings, particulary at the upper level; in the entrance to the Cathedral are painted, for everlasting memory, the portraits of Mihai Viteazul and Lady Stanca, his wife. The external decoration consist of bands of artistic mouldings Under the eaves are artistic floral decorations; the same floral images surround the windows.
In the lateral recesses each side of the main entrance, there are four marble plaques with inscriptions recalling the great national and cultural events of Alba Iuila. In the nave, four octagonal pillars with marble from Moneasa support the central cupola.
ADVICE TO VISITORS The Reunification Cathedral can be visited every day 12. 00-17. 30. Visitors can participate at service to pray with the priest for sin forgiveness avery day 8. 00-12. 00 and 18. 00-19. 30. ...

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