The Titanic Artifact Exhibition

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Crows Nest -A lookout platform on the Ships mast.
Davits-Cranes that lowered Titanics lifeboats.
Debris Field-The area on the seabed surrounding the wreck.
Forward-Toward the front of the Ship.
Hold-A storage area for cargo and baggage.
Hull-The outer skin of the Ship.
Maiden voyage-A vessels first voyage.
Port-The left side of the Ship looking toward the bow.
Rivets-Steel bolts that held the hull plates together.
Starboard-The right side of the vessel looking toward the bow.
Stern-The rear of the vessel.
Submersible-The small vessel that can dive to the ocean floor.
It cost $7. 5 million to build the Titanic in 1912 and carried a $5 million insurance policy. It would cost approximately $400 million to build the Ship today.
While serving on the Titanic, Chief Officer Henry T.
Wilde wrote to his sister: I still dont like this Ship.
I have a queer feeling about it. A first-class ticket for a parlor suite cost $4, 350, which would be roughly $50, 000 today.
Adhering to the rule of the sea: women and children first, a man listed as passenger Hoffman handed his two young sons over to strangers to insure their survival. He perished. The man was actually Michel Navratil who had kidnapped his sons during divorce proceedings. The children were eventually reunited with their mother in New York when she read of their plight in a newspaper that had dubbed them The Titanic Orphans. Only one first-class child perished: Loraine Allison, age 2, from Canada.
The Ship was as long as four city blocks and as wide as a four-lane highway.
Quick facts maiden voyage begins april 10, 1912 sinking occurs april 14-15, 1912 passengers/crew saved-705 passengers/crew lost 1, 523 rescue ship carpathia children on board 114 children lost 54 dogs on board 12 In the photograph above, taken by Father Frank Browne, six-year-old Robert Douglas Spedden of New York is spinning his top on A-deck while his father, Frederic, looks on. Robert survived the sinking in lifeboat 3 with his toy bear. Later his mother would write a book about the family experiences called Polar the Titanic Bear. The passengers The Titanic is more than an epic of steam and steel. It is the story of her passengers, from first-class millionaires to third-class immigrants, who displayed incredible acts of courage, self-sacrifice, and heroism, and who endured extraordinary loss.
The most famous couple making the crossing was Mr. and Mrs. John Jacob Astor IV. They were returning to New York after a honeymoon abroad. Madeline survived but John Jacob perished as did their Airedale, Kitty, boarded in the ships kennels. As the wealthiest man on board, Astors death made headlines around the world.
Major Archibald Butt, military aide to President William Taft, in true soldierly fashion, helped others to the lifeboats but failed to save himself. A memorial fountain dedicated to his bravery stands near the White House in ...

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