The Three Musketeers

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On a morning of April, 1625, a young man, whose name was D Artagnan of Gascony, went to Paris to join the King s Musketeers.
On his way, as he arrived at the Inn of the Jolly Miller in Meung, he met with three men who laughed about his pony, which had a yellowy-orange coat and a tail with no hair. D Artagnan fought with the tallest man, but he was injured. As he was unconsciousness the gifts from his father were stole. He regained his consciousness and he heard a very important discussion between a woman called Milady and the man who had injured him.
The next morning as he was leaving from the inn, he discovered that one of the gifts, the letter, was missing. After that he continued his journey. D Artagnan arrived in Paris and went to Monsieur de Treville, asking him to join the Musketeers.
As he left from there he was in a hurry and ran headlong into Athos; they planned a fight, for Athos was sad on him.
The same thing happened with Porthos and Aramis. They all met, but they fought together with Cardinal s five guards and defeated them. The King rewarded D Artagnan and after that they all four left the palace.
As time went on, D Artagnan became friend with the Musketeers.
One day his landlord, Monsieur Bonacieux, came and asked him to help him because his wife had been kidnapped by the Cardinal, for she knew many secrets of the Queen Anne, who was in love with the Prime Minister of England, the Duke of Buckingham.
After Bonacieux s arrest, Madame Bonacieux came home; she had escaped from the room where she had been held. D Artagnan rescued her, falling in love with her, for the guards came after Constance, and they went to the Queen. Milord met with Anne and she gave him a ribbon with 12 large diamonds, which she had received from the King.
Meanwhile, Monsieur Bonacieux had been arrested and interrogated, and one of the Cardinal s spies had heard the secret of the Queen. The Cardinal sent Milady de Winter from London to steal 2 diamonds of the ribbon and suggested the King to have a ball and so that the Queen might wear the ribbon. But Constance heard the Cardinal s plan and sent D Artagnan to London to bring back the diamonds. On their way each of the Musketeers had been hurt, but finally D Artagnan arrived in London, after he had fighted with Rochefort, the Cardinal s man. When he arrived at the Duke of Buckingham, they found out that 2 of the 12 diamonds were missing. They went to the head jeweller and so that after 2 days they had 2 diamonds exactly the same. On the ball s day D Artagnan arrived in Paris and the Cardinal s plan to downfall the Queen failed.
After that Milady de Winter had planned to make D Artagnan fall in love with her, and this one because he didn t see Constance anymore fell in love with Milady. When Athos heard that he told him a story about love, between him and a blond girl, who was thought to be dead, for she was a thief who had stolen sacred treasures from the church. After not a long time D Artagnan found ...

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