The Tense Of The Verb

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I havent gone there lately.
Ten years have past since I moved.
He says he has seen her.
I have paid the bills.
4. Present erfect Continuous He has been watching TV since he came from school.
I have been learning for 5 hours.
5. Past Tense Simple I met him an hour ago.
They saw him yesterday.
From 10 oclock to 5 oclock he watched TV.
He used to live in this district.
6. Past Tense Continuous While I was reading he was talking loudely.
When he entered I was speaking on the phone.
Yesterday at this time I was cooking.
7. Past Perfect Simple It had moved when we arrived there.
He said he had seen the movie.
8. Past Perfect Continuous When I met her she had been waiting for one hour.
9. Future Simple We shall meet tomorrow at 5 oclock. 10. Future Continuous Tomorrow at this time we shall be walking in the park.
11. Future Perfect Simple By 10 oclock he will have finished writing.
12. Future Perfect Continuous When mother has arrived she will have been reading for one hour.
13. Other ways of expressing Future a) present simple: The plane takes off at 9 a. m. b) present continuous: We are going to the theatre in the evening.
c) to be going to: Im going to buy a new car.
d) to be about to: He is about to leave.
e) to be to: He is to arrive soon. ...

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