The Perfect Society

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"The perfect society", the most recent work (1996) of the American professor, is an essay that proposes a new and exciting perspective for understanding the social, economical and political relations that occur now. 
"The attainable, not just the perfection, is identified and described"/ for this reason, the ideas within the next pages can not be labeled as "pure-utopian".
"Nobody can explain the intermission between the economic and the social with such an enchanting clarity as John Kenneth Galbraith" 
The book is formed from 18 chapters, each of them characterizing certain concepts of the society. Those chapters are:
1. The perfect society
2.  General glance 
3. The era of practical judgment
4. The social argument
5. A healthy economy
6. inflation
7. The deficit
8. The distribution of  income and power
9. The conclusive role of  education
10. Control: Basic principals
11. The environment 
12. The migration
13. The autonomy of the military power
14. The red tape syndrome 
15. External policy: The economic and social dimension
16. The poor of the planet I: The shaping role of history
17. The poor of the planet II: What a perfect society must do
18. The political context
The author's purpose is to show how a perfect society must be. For this thing, he presented in this book his knowledge about what should be good and what is bad in a society. John Kenneth Galbraith states that before you know what is good you must find out what is wrong.
The paper contains answers to a series of important questions as:
- How a perfect society would look like?
- Towards what purpose must we strive?
- How can the economic policy help in this matter?
- How can the environment be protected now and in the future?
- What about the problem of immigration, of emigration and of emigrants?
The purpose of this paper is to say how it's good. But, it's clear even from the beginning that a problem will occur: we must make a distinction between what is realizable and what would be perfect.
The author affirms that a perfect society has no chances to be approachable as long as there isn't a clear definition for it.
The most difficult problem that occurs is to define the

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