The Patronus

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The chapter The Patronus of the novel Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban tells about Harrys lessons with Professor Lupin who tries to teach him how to defeat the Dementors with the Patronus Charm.
Harry and Ron are still angry with Hermione, because she told Professor McGonagall about the firebolt, which someone sent Harry as a christmas-present. McGonagall took it from Harry to examine it for jinxes. Since school started again, Harry and Professor Lupin meet every Thursday at 8 o clock in order to train the Patronus Charm.
With the Patronus Charm Harry could defend himself against the Dementors. Each Patronus is unique to the wizard who conjures it.
For conjure a Patronus Harry has to concentrate, with all his might, on the happiest memory he can imagine and say the words expecto patronum. To practise the charm, Lupin has caught a Boggart, which turns his appearance into a Dementor when Harrys sees it, because it is much to dangerous to use a real Dementor. So it serves as an exercise for Harry whose aim it is to defeat the Dementors force. At first Harry is not very successful, because the memory he is thinking of is not happy enough. He falls through thick white fog in faint and hears the voice of his parents and of Lord Voldemort shortly before he murdered them. At the end of the lesson Harry had made progresses, he hears now the voice of his parents getting softer and louder and he manages to keep his consciousness in front of the false Dementor. Before he leave the room, Harry asks Lupin if he also knew Sirius Black because he knew Harrys father. However, Lupin gives him only a very short answer and Harry goes back to the Gryffindor Tower with the thought, that he should not have put that question on Professor Lupin. A week after the start of the term Slytherin win against Ravenclaw in a Quidditch match, which are good news for Gryffindor. Ron and Harry find Hermiones behaviour very funny. She takes part at all her lessons although some of her subjects are at the same time.
Harry and Wood both ask Professor McGonagall if Harry can get his broomstick back. But she always says, that they keep the firebolt as long as necessary until the examination is finished and they can be sure that nobody has jinxed it.
After several lessons in Defence Against the Dark Arts Harry is able to produce an indistinct, silvery shadow, which is too feeble to drive the Dementor away, but Professor Lupin assures him, that he does it really good, because the Patronus Charm is highly advanced magic. Later Harry wants to know what is hidden under a Dementor s hood. Lupin answers that the only people who really know it are in no condition to tell it.
But he supposes that there must be some kind of mouth under there because they clamp their jaws upon the mouth of the victim an suck out his soul. That is the last and worst weapon of a Dementor. That is the punishment which expects Sirius Black. In Harrys opinion he deserves it, after all ...

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