The Ingredients of Air Pollution

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Transportation is the largest single source of air pollution in the United States. It causes nearly two-thirds of the carbon monoxide, a third of the nitrogen oxides, and a quarter of the hydrocarbons in our atmosphere. With the number of vehicles on the road and the number of vehicle miles traveled escalating rapidly, we are on the fast lane to smoggy skies and dirty air. 
The Ingredients of Air Pollution
Cars and trucks pollute the air during manufacturing, oil refining and distribution, refueling and, most of all, vehicle use. Motor vehicles cause both primary and secondary pollution. Primary pollution is emitted directly into the atmosphere; secondary pollution results from chemical reactions between pollutants in the atmosphere. The following are the major pollutants from motor vehicles: 
- Ozone (O3). The primary ingredient in the smog, ozone is created when hydrocarbons and nitrous oxides from automobile combustion

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