The Influence of Mass-media in Contemporary Society

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Mass-media is a set of ways of mass communication based on oral-visual languages , accessible and with a great power of influence.  The most common types of "media" are: television, radio, press, cinema, prints with big number of copies (newspapers, magazines, posters, illustrations etc.) even the outdoor shows, which is addressed to the public at large.
1. The functions of mass-media in contemporary society are:
- Report (political news, science news etc)
- Dissemination of culture (theatre, plastic arts, opera)
- Socialization (to stimulate social interactions)
- Education (documentaries, school TV programs etc)
- Entertainment (sport, TV shows)
2. The social - psychological effects of mass-media: 
The social and psychological effects of mass-media have been and are disputed for long, but the discussions has been more often around the modern media, with the most powerful social and psychological impact: Television, and the PC 
The main problem is: the educative benefits of television are bigger than its negative consequences- A lot of researchers insists upon the relation between the bad notes in school and the time spent in front of the TV, and upon the possible distortions of information from TV, or the negative consequences which TV can have on the behavior of people, like encouraging aggressive behavior or inclination to suicide.

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