The Impact of Computers

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Computers are commonly used items in many areas. It is an important thing to people, especially the people who run organizations, industry, etc. . . Almost anything you know is run or made by computers. Cars and jets were designed on computers, traffic signals are run by computers, most medical equipment use computers and space exploration was started with computers. Most of the jobs today require the use of computers. These 'mechanical brains' made a huge impact on our society. It would be hard if we didn't have the computer around.
Let's visualize for a minute. Let's visualize a world without computers. People in the medical field wouldn't have have found a lot of cures to diseases, since most cures were found with the help of computers. Movies like Jurassic Park, Toy Story, A Bug's Life or Godzilla would never have been made without computers because they used computer graphics and animation in them. Pharmacies would have a hard time keeping track with what medications to give to patience. Counting votes would be impossible without computers and most importantly, space exploration wouldn't be possible without the help of computers. It's a pretty tough life without computers. Some may not agree and say, "Well, we don't need computers to live on." They maybe right but mostly, they are wrong. Computers help in curing diseases, make entertainment a lot better, keep track of important records, etc. . . Without computers, all this wouldn't be possible.
History of the Computer
Computers weren't as technological and complex like the ones we know. Early computers didn't use chips or monitors. They weren't as small nor big like the ones today. Back in the early 1600 to 1800s, people had theories,plans, or ideas of making a device that could do complex problems and mathematics so that they wouldn't keep writing down problems and solve them manually. They wanted a device that could add and subtract. Many of them started building such a device. They called this device the calculator or computer, since it calculates. The first digital calculator which could add and subtract was made by Blaise Pascal, a famous mathematican. Many more people had their own versions of the calculator as well. Pretty soon, many calculators/computers were being made.
As years passed by, newer calculators or computers were being invented one after the other. In 1671, Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibnitz invented a small computer, not the advanced technolical ones, that could add and multiply. Soon after, Charles Xavier Thomas built a newer calculator that could add, subtract, multiply, and divide. His invention was the first to become commercially succesful. Most inventions and their inventors were inspirations to other people and wanted to continue their work and improve the calculator/computer their way. To the right is Gottfried Wilheim von Leibnitz, one of the great inventors of the first calculator that could add and multiply.

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