The Godfather

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The godfather is my favorite movie.
The story begins in New York called in that time Little Italy.
The Corleone family arrives there from Sicily and starts to have influence in that area, but other families from Italy came there too so a big war started.
This war wasn't a real war it was a symbolic war :
The war for influence
The main character is the Godfather (Marlon Brando), he controles all the family that means punish the bad members of the family (threators) and reward the good members of the family.
After a very hard life on the streets of New York the Godfather becomes a Don, Don Corleone. He is a man that knows a lot of things and that can easily recognize bad people or people that don't like him. He has something special: the other gangsters want only territories and they are making everything to have them. Don Corleone is a man that helps other people like old or poor people so we can say that he is goodhearted
These three pictures represents Marlon Brando on the evolution of his role.
So we can see that when he was old the role was perfect for a Godfather
There are three parts of these movie. This part is the main part part I. from these movie started the other two parts and the legend has reborn. This is a movie that is made entirely from a true story.
The movie contains realy patter like: 
"I'll make you an offer that you can't refuse".
Don Corleone was a pacifist man and in the same time the best negotiator of his time.
Another of his patter has like this:
"We met all here today to make a pace too many lives were lost and too much blood was spend for nothing so let's make a pace and I swear on Good that I will not break the pace".
He used this patter when he meet all the other godfathers from New York to make a pace because his son died in the War of the influence.
From that moment his other son taked control and he became the new godfather

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