The European Integration

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Europe made up more than 30 countries and even more distinct cultures; it is now trying to adjust to new economic systems throughout the world.
In this essay I shall attempt to show you firstly the purpose behind the European Union / advantages to have a united Europe to the people of Europe, secondly Spains accession to the European Community and thirdly the effects of introduction Euro.
Schemes for European integration are almost as old as the idea of Europe as a distinct political and cultural entity and much older than the conception of a Europe of nation-states. The birth of idea of Europe went hand in hand with the emergence of the first schemes for European integration. Indeed, the conception of Europe as a distinct entity presupposed or implied a potential basis for European cohesion and integration. The term integration can be understood, in context of the European Union, as a situation of unification between individually sovereign nations into a collective body, sufficient to make that body a workable whole. A fully integrated European Union could be seen to have two possible outcomes. Either a) A Federalist or stewed union, where all member states give up their individual sovereignty and form a superstate that would be an economic world power, or b) A Confederalist or salad bar union, where each member state has its own place in a continental alliance, maintaining national sovereignty and individually contributing, through trade and cooperation, to form a greater whole. Sovereignty can be defined quite simply as the supreme authority to not only declare law but create it, deriving this power from a populace who have given up their personal sovereignty and power and vested it in the sovereign.
Europeans have long disagreed as to which states and poples should properly be included in Europe. There have been long debates as to how far countries such as Russia, Turkey, Albania, Georgia, Armenia, Israel or Morocco should be included in Europe, politically, militarily, culturally or economically. The factor that must always be borne in mind in any consideration of Europe is that definitions of Europe and the configurations of European states are fluids rather than solids. They are constantly changing. The idea of nation and of European order based upon sovereign nation-states is of relatively recent origin and is likely to be as ephemeral or short-lived as all previous European state configurations. It is on the eternal fluidity of European states systems, rather than on any deterministic belief in a teleogical progression towards a preordained federal goal, that federalists should rest their hopes for a federal Europe in the twenty-first century.
The EU has stated explicitly that its objectives are to lay the foundations of an ever closer union among the peoples of Europe. the constant improvement of the living and working conditions of the people, and the reduction of differences in wealth between regions. The ...

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