The Dinamics of Exterior Commerce

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The superior rhythms registered by Romania's exterior commerce in 2007, as compared with the economical increase, leaded to the increase of the commercial deficit, situation given by the acceleration of the imports in the detriment of exports.
We can detect certain characteristics of the exterior commerce that can be synthetized as follows:
1. the increase of the product exports with high incidental value, making reference here to the specific products of car building industry;
2. the Romanian offer of capital goods was compatibilized with the external demand, aspect reflected in the accentuated dynamic of these goods' exports;
3. the improvement of the Romanian export structures leads to a sure orientation towards the developed countries, aspect due to the overall development of the strategies, but especially to the increase level of the investments in the top technologies;
4. the concentration of the exports towards the main poles represented by Italy, Germany, France and Turkey registered a small amplitude variation, representing almost 50% from the total exports of Romania;
5. even though the imports were situated at a higher level and accentuated the commercial deficit, a favorable part that consists in the material sustaining of the Romanian economy's modernization also appears;
6. the factors that contributed to the increase of the imports in the analyzed period are resumed to: the exclusion of the customs in EU, the economical activity registered a high volume, the appreciation of the national currency contributed to the cheapening of the imports;
7. the localization of the deficit at the goods for the industry's provision and at the capital goods, that sustained the processes of restructuring, modernization and increase of the economy in this period, potential generative of development, export and new places of work;
8. the value of the commercial deficit in the first months of 2007 came to 7624,5 million euros as compared with the same period of 2006 when it represented 2977 million euros. This reveals the fact that the commercial deficit was with 64,1% higher in 2007 as compared to 2006;
9. if we are to refer to the EU intra commercial deficit we can say that, according to the INS data, this one was of 5665,5 million euros, 94,9% higher as compared with the same period in 2006, while the EU extra commercial deficit increased with only 12,6%;
10. the majority of the negative balance realized per total was sustained  in proportion of 92,7% by the increase of the commercial deficit from Romania's commerce with the EU countries;
11. inside of the exterior commerce of Romania, 71,8% was represented by the commerce with the EU countries, fact retrievable in the commercial deficit also with 74,3% from the total.
In order to sustain what we've said above, we present the following table with the degree of concentration of the imports and exports in the period 2004-2007 towards the main poles. We refer here to export partner countries: Italy, Germany, France and Turkey and import partner countries: Germany, Italy, Hungary and France.

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