Television and Its Influence

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I could say that I watch TV very much, every day. We found every thing we want at TV: movies, show, news, etc. For example old peoples prefer to see news, young people prefer to listen music, children watch cartoons, in a word T.V, make our wish come true. 
When we have free time we watch at television. We relax when we see our favorite programs. We can spend our free time watch TV done, hour with our friends and even with our family. Almost all of the evenings my family and me spend our free time in front of TV. We always stay in evening and watch movies at TV. 
Wherever we go we found a television, in every house TV is there. It's scary; the number of places one finds a TV in today. Bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, libraries, classrooms, cars and even bathrooms! Name the place and the idiot box will have made its mark there. 
When we want to spend our free time in town we can go at cinema to see a movie, so TV is every where. 
We can't live without TV. We need to see every day the news, to now what's new, what is happened in the world. But almost every time when we watch television we want to see a movie 
Movies could influence people in a good or a bad way. They want to do every thing they see in movies; they robe stores, kill people... I think that television and its messages stifles individual thought. Young people need freedom of space where they can grow and think for themselves, and television denies them that. Get rid of the box for two days, just two days, and see all the kids who will come out to the streets, millions world wide, looking for real games to play in the real world.
The more a child believes that television reflects reality, the more he or she will be influenced by it. Children are the most influence of this movies, they want to see everything is new, they want to learn everything they see, but almost all the time they learn bad things. Because of this, we need to teach our children to become critical consumers of the media. For this, I think TV is a bad thing, and we have to try to make our children to read books, to play more, and to try to make theme, not to watch TV sow long time. 
Frequent or heavy viewers, they reported, were more likely to believe that single mothers have good jobs, plenty of money, nice clothes, affluent lifestyles and a great social life than less frequent viewers. Of course, this doesn't reflect reality.
But not everything we see at TV is true. Press and TV could make use not to see the good things, we believe that people that we see in TV are exactly how make us to believe they are. Maybe they are good people but because of TV we can see that. Sow TV makes us to take bad decision with major implication on us. 
When we open TV, we see almost every time: violence, murder, calamities, people who die, people who suffer, people who are hungry, people who kill themlseve for food. 
Television has incredible power. In a society where money signifies success and influence, television has taken its place among the most prosperous of businesses. For the most people the main concern is to make more and more money. Television cannot be attacked because it can and has successfully stood up to all sorts of challenges. The solution of changing its role in society lies within man himself. Television, despite many negative aspects, has much to offer. It is a great tool for learning, communication and for information
Apart from breeding apathy, the television culture has also done many harms to the reading habits of the young people today. As we notice the number of young people in libraries decrease, the trend is also visible in outdoor playgrounds and parks. It's almost as though they have been caged by the TV where they are spoon fed thoughts regarding how they dress, what they eat, what music they listen to, to who they support in a war in a distant land of which they know nothing about.

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