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The current thesis delineates de facto the genuine aftermath of the scientific researches
consigned to this specific section of Romanian economy, i.e. the international trade in between
1989 - 2005.
The very novelty inheres in approaching this theme via the standpoint of Romanian trade
houses/ foreign trade companies, which can particularly provide it with certain dissimilar
substantiality, as considered in terms of our anticipated adhering to the EU.
The unambiguous aim of our investigation has been to subtract, out of the gross multitude
of Romanian and international archives that we are at liberty to peruse, the most commanding
prerequisites of Romanian international trade policies with immediate concern in the future of the
Community, through the viewpoint of trade houses. Nonetheless, the perceivable newness of this
doctoral thesis has inauspiciously limited the use of various themes to the extent of mere
analogies, inasmuch as the technical literature in the field has not yet imparted the status of
Romanian foreign trade houses, the ways in which they subsisted from 1989 until now, or how
they are to chance upon the future of Romania as a European Community state.
In general terms, the conjuncture is very familiar, as statistical figures reveal the factual
incongruity between the international trade and the industrial development in Romania, on one
side, and the same sectors in EU states, on the other.
This cannot be but notably pessimistic for anyone willing to put forward one's short -
term eureka. The methodology made use of in this research paper resides in rigorously
considering statistical data together with their processing or weighing against genuine matters of
direct observation, but also in contributing certain clear cut recommendations and strategic
conjectures. As far as all-encompassing data are concerned, we have to highlight the great deal
of extra effort we have paid to statistically process the information base - the way it may be
noticed in the very original tabulations - via identifying the same denominator of all available
figures in between 1990 - 2005, which could disclose the inland tendencies pertaining to the field
at issue.
The study has been structured upon six chapters as following:
CHAPTER 1. Characteristics of the International Trade Activity. Diachronic Overview upon
Romanian Foreign Trade Houses
CHAPTER 2. The Reorganizing of International Trade Activities and, Thereafter, of Trade
Houses. Proficiency Strategies in the Romanian International Trade
CHAPTER 3. Economic and Financial Analysis Methods Implemented in the Market Strategies
of Trade Houses in Romania
CHAPTER 4. The Global Economic Efficiency and a Long - Lived International Trade
CHAPTER 5. The Economic Financial Analysis and Its Role in Elaborating Development
Strategies to the Benefit of Trade Houses in Romania
CHAPTER 6. The Development Strategy of Romanian Trade Companies. Forthcoming Future
Stratagems Pointed at Functionally Completing the Development Agenda of Romanian
International Trade
The first chapter is intended to retrace the historical outline of the Romanian
International Trade and Trade Houses (from their very inception in the second half of the 20th
century), and also to anatomize the evolvement of trade policies enforced by the Romanian
Government at an international scale, in an epitomized yet not too an epigrammatic a form, i.e.
one liable to capture the entire philosophy behind each individual stage covered by these
The past '70s multiform doctrine variations pertaining to the international trade and
its development are definitely originated in the geopolitical situation of Romania. Considering
international trade operations in view of their juridical nature, a cautious analyst does
unquestionably notice that the overwhelming majority of trade houses were mainly focussed on
the international buying - selling activities, with a follow-up of special international trade actions.
The trade abroad capitalization of technical and scientific output via numerous patents,
know - how contracts, multiple outfit exports, building - assembling operations, many - sided
industrial technical assistance and instruction actually stood for either the first - rate or the
subsequent obje ctive of numerous international trade companies.
The aftereffects of divers pertinent policies started being looked into carefully, the more
did the sector approach grow inapplicable if compared to capitalist assumption, and later than
1989, such an acumen got gradually indoctrinated towards a long - lived development, there
being noticed a secondary re-establishment of the Romanian international trade alignment in mid
'90s. The research makes clear that, depending on the market extent of a trade house, there
may be encountered a territorial or a multinational market, a regional or a continental such place,
and also a global market on condition that it has quite a large sphere of action. The study does
also lay open the specific traits of international trade firms, which are:
1. The Heterogeneous Character, as it incorporates national, tradition - based markets, and
furthermore tenets and behaviors that are notably different
2. The High Technical and Technological Upsurge, which cannot be but originated in the
economic development

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