Speak About The Importance Of Friendship In Ones Life

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Having friends is very important in everyone s life because friends are always there for us whenever we need them. We need friends to Those friends are not easy to find, but when we find them we know they will be like family to us. Whenever we need them they will be there for us no matter the late hours we call to ask them for advice or support. We will also be there, to help them solving their problems. We need friends to go out with, to go skiing, clubbing, and have barbeques, go hiking, share music, talk about boys and girls, and many other things. Its great to have many friends because each person is different and in this way we can learn from different people different things, we can share common things with people who have the same interests. At school, we can share for examp le infonnation about papers, tests, homework with our colleagues. Also, if we like computer games and one of our friends likes that as we ll it is so nice to share with him our passion because he can understand us better than others. Sometimes friendships last a lifetime, and this is the most extraordinary thing, to share memories with our lifetime friends who were there for us in the most important moments of our lives. When we are teenagers we find either easy or difficult to make friends. Some of us are introverts and have a hard time in making friends, others are more extroverts and this is the reason they have a lot of friends. Teenagers can sometimes be cruel in their appreciations towards someones appearance and this can lead to hurting other peoples feelings. We must try and respect more each other and try to know the others much better and so we can make new and good friends. Thats only because A friend in need is a friend indeed. I have many friends, and I truly believe that friends and friendship are things we cannot live without.

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