Sources of Pollution

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What Happens With All Those Nets 
Pollution on land is dangerous for our air. However, some of our ecosystems don't need to be on land and we don't need new technologies to do some harm to our world. We can do that in a traditional way -  by cutting off huge nets from our boats just because they become too heavy. Those nets travel, they don't disintegrate. That is how a whale can get tangled into some of those nets, and that can kill it. These divers are trying to cut that whale free.
Pollution in China
Chinese people are an extremely disciplined people with highly developed culture. However, there are some regions in China that are suffering from the industrialization and pollution. On the photo, you can see a terribly filthy canal with garbage all around. It almost looks like a sewer.
The Crimes of Humans 
We, humans, don't think about the consequences of our actions. For example, this seal got tangled in some wire that someone threw into the sea without some intention to hurt anyone. This helpless animal has wires twisted so tightly around its neck that it cuts into its flesh.
Yamuna River -  The Extreme Pollution 
India is slowly becoming an overpopulated area. However, the infrastructure is not following the exponential growth of its population. That is why sewage systems don't have any philters and pollution is so toxic that it's destroying the entire aquatic life in the Yamuna River.
Even after all the photos and videos that have been circulating around the Internet, some people are claiming that there is no global warming. The most dangerous thing is that some of those people are pretty influential and it seems like they are trying to undermine all the efforts that humanity is trying to make against the Global Warming. People are talking about it, but nothing has been done to really reduce the levels of pollution. Everything finds its way to the paper and stays there.
Yellow River in Mongolia
This river in Mongolia is so polluted that people can't even breathe near it.
San Joaquin Valley Oilfields 
The number of oilfields here is mind-blowing! Can you imagine how many vehicles and factories are going to use that oil? Can you imagine how much of it is going to end up polluting some river and air we all breathe?

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