Smoking as a Threat

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Billions of people worldwide regularly smoke tobacco products, and smoking accounts for thousands of deaths per day.Smoking kills two and one-half times more people than alcohol and drug use combined.Every day more than millions of children are exposed to smoke in their homes.Thats why even if you don't smoke, but hang out with others who do, it's just as dangerous.
To start with,not only adults,but milliions of adolescents smoke daily.There are many reasons why a child or adolescent will begin to smoke.The most common influence is family and peer presures,but the most potent factor is the media portrayal of "glamorous" smoking.Many popular sporting events are still sponsored by tobacco companies and there is some evidence that advertising had been directed towards recruiting new child or adolescent smokers.To combat the draw of the media for adolescents to begin smoking,there are different centers for diseases control and prevention.This is an attempt to enlist celebrities and sports figures to promote an antismoking message to young people.It involves posters and media advertisments directed toward children and adolescents,informing them of the health damages caused by cigarette smoking.

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