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Situated in the middle of de country, where the roads of the historical Romanian areas meet, Sibiu is a junction for the spreading of the material and spiritual values, which created a blossoming culture and civilization.
Sibiu is beautiful; indeed a delight for the eyes. At the center of it all stands the proud fortress-church, built by the original German settlers in Gothic sturdiness. Sibiu is an easy city to explore on foot, one with a good selection of restaurants, pavement cafes and beer gardens, but perhaps the most enduring memory is that of the dormer windows overlooking the squares in such a manner that they give the eerie impression that you are always being watched - these are the 'eyes of Sibiu'!
What you have too visit?
Sibiu/Hermannstadt and surrounding area have an important museal offer of 12 institutions which are housing art collections, paintings, decorative arts, archaeology, anthropology, history, industrial archeology and history of technology

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