Sell with All your 5 Senses

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The secret button -introduction- 
Imagine that you have a radio with transistors, which you have used for many years. One day you discover a small button that you have never seen or used before. You push the button and surprisingly remark that the radio picks up lots of new stations, which you have never listen before. Do you understand what happened? The secret button is the one which activates the frequency on ultrasounds, giving you the possibility to enter a whole new universe.
Imagine than that you have discovered a similar button in your "personal computer", meaning your own brain. This magical button sets up the multisensory system of receiving and processing the information.
What is the advantage? The information which you collect in the memory's "archive" in order to store and consult when in need, are being offered a new dimension. Using all your five senses, the brain obtains a tri-dimensional cinematographically effect. Think about what significant advantage has this thing for you and your clients.
And the only thing for you to do is just to push the button.
In this paper we will explore the last four steps: the distance between you and your client, the arena in which the tranzactions are being lost or won.
You will learn how to improve your communication skills by enriching every aspect of your daily existence, with the help of selling techniques which exploits the five senses.
The last four steps
The last four steps are represented by the extremely important distance between the client and the salesperson. Think about this space as a vital area for the sale performance - it is your working place, the field on which you must take actions. Every sale message gets directly in contact with your potential client.
The last four steps must be seriously taken into consideration. Every time you enter this vital field you simultaneously accomplish three tasks: you are practising your proffesion, earning your welfare and you are making yourself useful for other people. It is the place where you concentrate, where the brain is working at its highest capacity. It is an authentic classroom - where learning never ends.
How many commercial agents are truly prepared to enter the four step's field? Next time, when you go shopping, pay attention to the salespersons. Do they seem polite, well-informed, honest and sincere? Or on the contrary: they are tired, careless, they are chewing gum, they are not dressed properly and they don't know how to answer your question. Do you think they are prepared to practice the last four steps or not?
When you get to the last four steps, you must be in the best intellectual shape. The enthusiasm is catching and if you are smiling, relaxed and full of energy, your clients will always remember you as a salesperson who made them feel comfortable.
Commerce through senses
In order to understand how the brain in functioning, we have to start by studying haw to gather information from the environment. Have you ever carefully analyzed the different ways in which your brain is receiving information? Many people imagine that there are only two ways of receiving and storing information: by reading and discussing. But things are not as easier as they seem.
- Hearing: When we are using our language in order to express ideas, to answer questions and to convince, we turn to the hearing sense. The voice's characteristics, speaking speed, the accent and the tone can turn the spoken word a very important sensorial experience.

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