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I am a business law major at the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova.
I would like to apply for the "Battyany Summer School" in which I'm particularly interested.
Having participated in a similar project in April 2008 at The Institute of Development and Social Initiatives. "The Experience of Latvia in The Process of EU Accession- A Lesson for Moldova," where the experts from Latvia talked about the stages of negotiation between the EU and Latvia, energy security etc. I found it tremendously useful together with my courses of Geoeconomy and Global Economy at the Academy for becoming more globally aware and informed about theUE.
Another Programme "Business for youth" provided me a great opportunity for intercultural communication and acquiring mutually beneficial knowledge and experience Our American teachers have taught about the US culture of business, about entrepreneurship and how to succeed in our future career. It was very useful for me to have as colleagues the best students of the Moldovan universities with whom we worked together and exchanged experiences and knowledge. It exposed me to courses of regional cooperation and the Rule of Law. 
My experience in AIESEC, an international organization, taught me that discovering another culture broadens a person's horizons, and also makes one more independent and capable to face and deal with various challenges.
While participating in "the greatest platform for youth development," I have learned to perform tasks and projects with people from different countries with a culture absolutely different from ours; this helped me become more culturally sensitive, open, thirsty for knowledge, and a sociable person.
AIESEC provides a framework in such European countries like Germany, Greece, Denmark, Poland, Hungary etc. to promote international collaboration in solving national issues and offering leadership experiences, cross cultural opportunities, career development and global internships. We implemented such projects as: Business Start, Next Step, Moldova Next Station, Career Day, and The Training Centre in Balti all of which are projects based on education and entrepreneurship. 
Achieving qualitative knowledge and competitive abilities is my primary goal, and I strongly believe that Batthyany Summer School can contribute to my attaining this goal by sharing opinions and points of view, by learning from each other and by working on projects through the cooperation of youth organizations and universities. 
Opened to others and speaking fluently two foreign languages in addition to my Romanian mother tongue (English, Russian), I have a strong desire to pursue a career in Economics which is strongly bonded to politics, thus increasing my development on the personal as well as professional level. My aim is to become highly skilled and more globally aware, to gain cultural enrichment and experience transnational communication that will expand my perspectives.
I want to contribute to my country's and organization's development and participate in programs that would promote European Integration of Moldova and Economical Growth of my country.
I am eager to develop the capacity to operate in diverse environments, to communicate with different people, to see different perspectives and to gain more knowledge and experience that will contribute to becoming a professional in my area.
I could bring a new perspective to my organization and my country from the Batthyany Summer School. I would use the knowledge and experience acquired in my future career, in my volunteer work and in my area of specialization to develop myself and the people I work with.
I am a goal oriented individual motivated to evolve constantly and to equip myself with the knowledge and power to succeed in the future. Moreover, being impassioned by Europe and European Integration, I desire the opportunity to work in this area in the future in The Ministry of Integration. Because of this, I am convinced that by acquiring theoretical knowledge and practical skills from this program and working insistently upon myself, I can attain my goal. It is my hope to learn more about the legal, political, economic and cultural aspects of the EU accession.
I fell in love with the Hungary while finding out more about its marvelous places, monuments and wonderful nature;I am very eager to visit this amazing place, to discover a special culture, and to travel. That would be mutually beneficial to me.
Personally I define myself as flexible, dynamic, adaptable, and confident person with the ability to think globally and work in different environments. I am goal oriented, motivated to succeed in my future career, to evolve continuously and to meet challenges. This is why this Summer School is an invaluable experience and opportunity to develop my communication skills to a high level, to get qualitative knowledge, and to broaden my horizons. I want to study more about European Integration and to meet people from different cultures because that is what can make me a competent individual and take me to personal and professional excellence.
Yours faithfully,

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