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Scotland 78. 789 square kilometres 5 Mio. people English; Gaelic Gaelic ist still spoken by over 80. 000 people famous for it?s beautiful countryside 800 scotish islands a Isle of Skye is one of the largest and most beautiful The history 1707 the romans tried to conquer a not successful Edinburgh capital 433. 000 people east of the country river forth centre of business, the law, book production and other industries The three clearly-marked regions Southern uplands: - an area of small towns - land is hilly a better for farming Lowlands (Central plain): - more than 80% of the population of Scotland live there Highlands: - wildest and lonelist part in the nort of Scotland - Ben Nevis (1. 343 m high) - numerous small islands off the west coast - climate rough Aberdeen - 210. 000 people - third largest city in Scotland - an oil town - oil-rigs in the North Sea - on the east coast - clean beaches Loch Ness - longest lake in Britain 24 miles long - water very dark - nearly thousand feet deep - there live Nessie ...

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