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The first Scooter single Vallee de Larmes is released.
Scooter is only supposed to be a project at first. The single, however, goes to number 8 in the German Dance Charts.
In April they had their first live appearance at the Palladium in Hamburg.
Scooter perform Vallee de Larmes, Cosmos (B-Side) and a (still) instrumental Techno track on which H. P. spontaneously starts MCing during the show. Hyper Hyper is born and Scooter change from being a project to a band.
During this time Scooter consist of H. P., Ferris and Rick. Jens Thele works behind the scenes as manager and co-producer. In May Hyper Hyper is released.
The reaction from the Raving Society is euphoric and Scooter become famous overnight (number 2 in the German singles charts). 700. 000 singles are sold in Germany alone- platinum!!! Even in the Israeli charts Hyper Hyper reaches number 1! The third single Move Your Ass! is released.
H. P. s distinctive shouting style is established as a trademark. The single enters the German single charts at number 13 and becomes the highest new entry in the history of the chart. The single reaches number 23 in the British charts and number 3 in Germany.
Scooter make their international breakthrough.
In spring and summer Friends (Germany: No. 3) and Endless Summer (Germany: No. 5) are released.
And The Beat Goes On: That was the name of Scooter s magnificent first album in spring 1995. Over the years the name of the debut album has come to be the motto of the trio from Hamburg, who have stood out as the only quality performers in the short-lived and often monotonous Dance and Techno scene. And not only are the beat and the sound going on, but the different singles and albums over the years have ended up becoming massive sellers, going gold and platinum throughout Europe.
During June Scooter play on the summer solstice (start of the summer) at the Rantarock Festival in Vaasa/Finland. This becomes a tradition over the following years. With a few exceptions, Scooter have played at the festival every year since.
Rick moves from Hanover to Hamburg.
He brings his studio with him which then becomes the band s own studio. First production: Back In The U. K. With this single Scooter crack the British Top 20, reaching number 18! In Germany the song peaks at number 5. In Ireland the single is released with the title Back In Ireland. 1996: Our Happy Hardcore Their second LP Our Happy Hardcore, comes with an extra CD with photos, videos and information about Scooter.
The first single out of this album is Let Me Be Your Valentine. With Rebel Yell Scooter becomes the first Techno band to cover a rock song. The track, probably the first rock song in musical history to be covered without a single trace of a guitar, reaches number 8 in the German charts.
In June Scooter release Happy Hardcore Clips the band s first video compilation. Only some days later the group are presented the Dance ...

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