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energy or Qi, runs in twelve main channels or meridians on each side of the body. These are named after organs such as Stomach, Liver or Bladder. Points along these meridians may be used to treat conditions associated with the organ associated with the areas of the body through which these imaginary channels run. There is also a major meridian up the front centre line called the Conception Vessel and another channel up the centre of the back called the Governor Vessel. Each acupressure point has an internationally recognised channel name and number i.
e. The fourth point on the Large Intestine Channel is L. I-4 Abbreviations used for the meridians are as follows LU Lung LI Large Intestine ST Stomach SP Spleen HE Heart SI Small Intestine BL Bladder KI Kidney PC Pericardium TH Triple Heater GB Gall Bladder LV Liver CV Conception Vessel GV Governor Vessel The Triple Heater, or Triple Warmer, system coincides with the western Endocrine System, which is not an organ such as the others, but consists of the various glands of the body, which produce hormones. There is not enough room or scope in this article to show you all of the points or meridians. There are numerous books and charts available with this information. A way to find the point if you know the Meridian is to follow the meridian with your fingers and ask for a Muscle Change when you hit the point.
While each point has a local function (any point near the elbow would affect the elbow), it may also have a distant effect along the course of the meridian (A point known as LI -4 on the hand effects the hand, elbow, shoulder and face). Some points have specific effects such as LI-11 which will lower the blood pressure if it is high, raise the immune system, and reduce fevers.
An important fact to be made clear at this juncture is that the same acupressure point is often used for opposite functions, while having no effect on the normal condition. That is if LI -11 will lower blood pressure if it is high or raise blood pressure if low it can not change normal blood pressure. The same applies to points that treat There are six Master Points each of which control an area of the body. Large Intestine 4 (LI-4) is the master point of the face and mouth. Lung 7 (LU-7) is the master point of the head and neck.
Pericardium 6 (PC-6) is the master point of the heart, chest and upper back. Stomach 36 (ST-36) is the master point of the upper abdomen and general energy. Bladder 40 (BL-4O) is the master point of the lower back. Spleen 6 [SP-6] is the master point of the lower abdomen and Urogenital system.
There are eight Influential points. Influential points are like master points but instead of controlling an area of the body they control a body function or system.
Therefore by the use of master and influential points all areas and systems may be treated Gall ...

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