Present Simple Tense

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Affirmative: S + V 1
Interogative: Do/Does ( singular III) + S + V1
Negative: S + Do/Does + Not + V1
We use Present Simple Tense for :
e.g. The train leaves at 10 pm.
->in sports commentaries
e.g. He hits the ball and passes to Steven.
->for general truths, lowes of nature
e.g. Water boils at 100 ?C.
->permanent situations or states
e.g. She works in a hospital.
->repeated/ habitual actions
e.g. I usually get up at 6 o'clock.	
Every day/week/month/year etc.Usually, often ,always ,rarealy ,never, sometimes etc.In the morning/evening/afternoon etc.
At night, on Mondays etc.
Verbs ending in -ss, -sh, -ch, -x, -o -> -es :
I watch - he watches;
I go - he goes.
Verbs ending in a consonant + y ( drops the ,,y") -> -ies
I study - he studies. 
BUT verbs ending in a vowel (a,e,i,o,u) -> ys
I buy - he buys.
Present Continous Tense
Affirmative: S + TO BE( am/are/is) + V-ing
Negative: S+ TO BE + NOT + V-ing
Interogative: TO BE + S + V-ing
We use Present Continous Tense for:
->temporary situations
e.g. They are living with Ann at present.
->actions happening at or around the moment of speaking
e.g. She is looking for a better job.
->repeted actions with ,,always" expressing annoyance or criticism
e.g. You are always interrupting me.
->fixed arrangements in the near future
e.g. We are visiting grandma on Saturday.
->changing or developing actions
e.g. Your English is getting better.
Now, at the moment
At present, nowadays
Today, these days etc.

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