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Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on the 16th of January 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. She had one elder brother named Rashad. Her mother Diane and her father Michael like the meanings of names. Aaliyah means the highest, the best. When she was 5 she and her family left Brooklyn and moved to Detroit. Already at the age of 9 years she sang in different TV-productions. Her mother Diane is also a good singer. But she gave up her own career for the career of her daughter. Responsible for her career was also her uncle, Barry Hankerson. He is a manager and at the same time the discoverer of R. Kelly. ... vezi detalii


Viata cotidiana ca spectacol - Recenzie in limba engleza

The book "The presentation of self in everyday life" written by Erving Goffman, was published in 1959 and treats a sociological theme by comparing the life with a theater and made a portrait to the human importance. The society isn`t a homogeneous creation, we must act differently in different situations. In the center of his analysis is the relationship between performance and stage, taking into account all its elements: an actor performs in a frame, which consists of the stage and the backstage, and he is assisted by the public but at the same time itself becomes its public audi... vezi detalii


Grammar Inter

9. The weather today is (warmer, more warm) than it was yesterday. 10. She speaks English almost (perfect, perfectly). 11. He wants (me to go, that I go) with him. 12. (No, Not) many students attended the meeting. 13. I didn t hear (someone, anyone) in the room. 14. He gave (her, to her) the money. 15. He told (us, to us) the whole story of his trip. 16. It was really (a, an) interesting story. 17. Listen! I think it (begins, is beginning) to rain. 18. She (does, makes) many mistakes in grammar. 19. I don t know how old (is he, he is). 20. I can do all of these exercises (easy, easily). 21.... vezi detalii


Piatra Neamt

Piatra-Neamt is a city located in North-Eastern Romania. In 1992 the city's population was 135,842 inhabitants and in 2006 its population dropped to 105,000 people. The city is the capital of Neamt county and thanks to its architectural and natural beauty it earned the nickname Perla Moldovei. On the industrial level it occupies the second place in county after the city of Roman . The city has seen a spectacular growth in the recent years and has been recognized as having the growth in the North-East region. In 1992 the density was of 1,592 inhabitants per square km, while on 2002 the densi... vezi detalii


Worldcom's Accounting Fraud

Company Background WorldCom began in 1983 as a small company named Long Distance Discount Services, Inc. in Jackson, Mississippi. Within 15 years, it had become a global telecommunications giant and one of the largest companies in the world. Few companies in the annals of American business have grown so large and so fast in such an intensely competitive marketplace. The Company's SEC filings reflect that WorldCom's growth evolved from its commitment to the following principles: - competition and capital requirements in the telecommunications industry would result in consolidation of comp... vezi detalii


Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne (born Nathaniel Hathorne; July 4, 1804 - May 19, 1864) was a 19th century American novelist and short story writer. He is seen as a key figure in the development of American literature for his tales of the nations colonial history. Nathaniel Hawthorne was born on July 4, 1804, in Salem, Massachusetts, where his birthplace is now a museum. William Hathorne, who emigrated from England in 1630, was the first of Hawthornes ancestors to arrive in the colonies. Williams son John Hathorne was one of the judges who oversaw the Salem Witch Trials. (One theory is that having lear... vezi detalii


The American Dream

The American Dream - Term invented by an American historian during the Great Depression - A concept in history, society and culture - There is no definition of it or rather everybody has his own (complexity and vagueness) - History: o The pilgrims, first settlers, immigrated to America for several reasons: Europe was overcrowded, they were persecuted, o For them America was the promised land, the land of milk and honey, a new world in which they would be able to correct all the mistakes made in Europe (politics, society, ) o They were poor and had to make a living there o They had many prob... vezi detalii



Moldavia / Bucovina Bucovina, the Northeastern province of Romania, dates back its name to the annexation by the Habsburgs in 1774. "Bucovina" means a land covered by beech forests. This part of Romania is especially beautiful, having an extensive countryside of forests and hills, with many lesser-known delights to discover. It is a territory with clean unspoiled nature. It has a unique landscape: thick forests and imposing crests ("obcine"), branching off from the Carpathians, which allow a wonderful panorama of valleys, with houses scattered here and there, with large... vezi detalii


About chocolate

Chocolate comprises a number of raw and processed foods that are produced from the seed of the tropical cacao tree. Chocolate has become one of the most popular flavors in the world. Gifts of chocolate molded into different shapes have become traditional on certain holidays: chocolate bunnies and eggs are popular on Easter, chocolate coins on Hanukkah, Santa Claus and other holiday symbols on Christmas, and hearts on Valentine's Day. Chocolate is also used in cold and hot beverages, to produce chocolate milk and hot chocolate. Types of chocolate Several types of chocolate can be distingu... vezi detalii


New generation hobbies

Parkour (sometimes abbreviated to PK) or l'art du deplacement (English: the art of movement) is an activity with the aim of moving from one point to another as efficiently and quickly as possible, using principally the abilities of the human body. It is meant to help one overcome obstacles, which can be anything in the surrounding environment- from branches and rocks to rails and concrete wallsand can be practiced in both rural and urban areas. Parkour practitioners are referred to as traceurs, or traceuses for females. Founded by David Belle in France, parkour focuses on practicing effici... vezi detalii



The northern part of the island of Great Britain is Scotland. Rugged uplands separate it from England to the south. Within this border country the Scots fought many wars to keep their independence. In 1707 Scotland joined with England, and the entire island became a single kingdom, Great Britain. The Scots, however, remain a distinct people, and they have a long history different from that of England. Scotland is a land of romance. It contains ruins of many ancient castles and abbeys, and there is a haunting beauty in its windswept mountains, long deep valleys, and ribbon lakes. It attracts... vezi detalii



The American Department of Defense definition of terrorism is "the calculated use of violence or the threat of violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological." This definition was carefully crafted to distinguish between terrorism and other kinds of violence. The act of terrorism is defined independent of the cause that motivates it. People employ terrorist violence in the name of many causes. The tendency to label as terrorism any violent act which we do not ... vezi detalii


The Impact of European Integration on Field of Agriculture in Poland

Chapter 1 On 1 May 2004 Poland acceded to the European Union (EU). Fifteen years of efforts preceded by the systemic transformation of 1989 came to an end. During this time, Poland was obliged to pass all required stages of the accession procedure initiated by the submission of the membership application in April 1994. Membership conditions were defined during the accession negotiations, which were opened in March 1998. The negotiations were ultimately finalized with the signing of the Treaty of Accession in April 2003. At the same time Poland engaged in extensive harmonization in ord... vezi detalii


The Man Of The Year 2003

In our last issue we asked for the man of the year, and after studying all your letters, we are proud to present you last years man: Yesterday he celebrated his 35th birthday and he is the most successful formula one driver ever. I m sure you know the man we are talking about, it s Michael Schumacher. At the age of four he was the youngest driver at his local kart club and with the end of his schooling he began an apprenticeship as a mechanic at a garage. This led him to his deeper understanding of automobile functions and to his incredible victory in 1995 as he became the youngest double f... vezi detalii


Image production - Cricova

The Winery Cricova SA was founded in 1952, representing a unique underground complex, known all over the world for its huge labyrinths and especially for its excellent wines. A landscaped area with many vineyards and plenty of sunshine. This is where the history of pearls of Moldovan winemaking begins, in the central area of Moldavia, in the heart of the Codres. 1. General presentation of Cricova 1.1 Winery The wine cellars of Cricova is the second largest wine cellar in Moldova, after Milestii Mici (largest in the world). It boasts a mere 120 kilometers of labyrinthine roadways, versus MM'... vezi detalii

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