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Politics is a dirty business! We absolutely agree on this statement. In the following we will present evidences to support our opinion. Firstly to proof this we discovered that that the German President gets elected only by the parliament but the citizens don t have any real influence on his / her election. In politics it is also very important to have a good appearance in public because even if the concept might be good, the way the politicians look like is a big part, which demonstrates how good you are and therefore might change the elector s opinion. If you look at Angela Merkel for exa... vezi detalii


Warrner G Harding

He was the first president to ride to his inauguration in an automobile. While in office, he was the first president to visit both Alaska and Canada. He was considered personally popular but allowed his cabinet members to take over his presidency. He campaigned on the slogan, Return to Normalcy. My God, this is a hell of a job! I have no trouble with my enemies. But my damn friends, theyre the ones that keep me walking the floor nights. He was a newspaper editor in Marion, Ohio. Teapot Dome & Other Scandals, 1921-23 A number of scandals occurred during Harding s presidency including... vezi detalii


Cv Engleza

Experienced and innovative general manager with sophisticated sales, customer service and business administration skills. Highly articulate, confident and persuasive team-builder, able to motivate and communicate to achieve exceptional business performance. Dependable and reliable in supporting and enabling team effort to produce genuine long-term sustainable development. Persistent and flexible approach to the mutually beneficial achievement of business plans and personal goals of staff, suppliers and customers. Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering. Experience Over 20 years proven expe... vezi detalii


William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth (1770-1850), English poet, one of the most accomplished and influential of Englands romantic poets, whose theories and style created a new tradition in poetry. Wordsworth was born on April 7, 1770, in Cockermouth, Cumberland, and educated at Saint Johns College, University of Cambridge. He developed a keen love of nature as a youth, and during school vacation periods he frequently visited places noted for their scenic beauty. In the summer of 1790 he took a walking tour through France and Switzerland. After receiving his degree in 1791 he returned to France, where he bec... vezi detalii


Chemistry discovery

Most important scientific discovery in chemistry In my opinion the most important scientific discovery in chemistry is discovering oxygen. Everyone needs oxygen to survive, oxygen is the third most abundant element in the universe and makes up nearly 21% of the earth's atmosphere. Oxygen accounts for nearly half of the mass of the earth crust, two third of the mass of the human body and nine tenths of the mass of water. Oxygen occurs in all kinds of minerals. Oxygen was discovered for the first time by a Swedish chemist in 1772. One important use of oxygen is in medicine, people who have t... vezi detalii

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Quality in The Public Services

The term social service (or social welfare) refer s to the variety of programs made available by public or private agencies to individuals and families who need special assistance. Social public services are services provided to citizens by paid workers (and in some cases by unpaid volunteers and family members), to meet general social needs; they are regulated, funded or provided by local, regional or national government within the areas of health, education, social services, housing, employment and social security. Social public services capture a wide range of concepts including social w... vezi detalii


Islam Gives Equal Life To Everyone Esseay 786 Words

The Western world is often blamed by Islam about its godless, inhuman behavior. They say we do not respect people who are weaker and different from us, and thereby condemn them to a lower class of life. In this article I do not want to apologize for the fact that more blacks than whites can be found in American prisons or anything else concerning our life style, but I want to give an example that Moslems are no better people than we are: A woman in Islam has practically no rights. When we ask a Muslim about the way a woman is treated in Islam he will answer that women are treated after Isla... vezi detalii


Beauty Can Your Appearance Influence Your Future

You can t say something about it in general. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. In history there have been lots of types of the perfect body. One of the earliest ideals was the Stone Age Venus of Willendorf, a sculpture whose vital statistics amount to 96-89-96 (in inches). The average 14th century human beeing prefered broad hips, fat tights, short legs, small breasts and a large belly. The Greeks worked out precise proportions for beauty. The female navel had to be exactly midway between the breasts and the genitals. The dark-haired Greeks considered fair-haired women exotic, pe... vezi detalii


The Union Cathedral

This report describes the Union Cathedral, which is one of the most important touristic objectives from Alba Iulia. During 1921 and 1922 the magnificent Cathedral, along with the whole architectural complex which surrounds it, was built as a symbol of national unity and as a memorial of the Metropolitan Church built by Mihai Viteazul, in order to offer a proper place for the crowning of King Ferdinand. (In 1597 the Metropolitan Orthodox Cathedral was rebuilt because, over the years, the Church was damaged by fire - by Mihai Viteazul.) The plans for the building of the Cathedral in Alba Iul... vezi detalii


American Dream Myth Or Reality

This final line to The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus, which is engraved on the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, has welcomed millions of hopeful immigrants coming to Americ driven on by a dream, the American Dream. What is this dream that so many come looking for? The American Dream means freedom, success, opportunities, equality, justice, and safety for all. The chance so unique, it only exists in a single country. But how many actually achieve it? Is it a myth or reality? It can be fact or fiction. America is like a double-edged1 sword, with the ability2 to strengthen your heart and t... vezi detalii


The History Of Zorro

The character of Zorro has captured the fancy of every generation since his humble beginnings on the pages of a pulp novel in 1919. For over five decades, young and old alike around the world have been infatuated with the brave and gallant swordsman who rights wrongs and defends the weak and oppressed. The Mask of Zorro is based on the character created by Johnston McCulley, a police reporter who wrote pulp fiction stories on the side. McCulleys Zorro (Spanish for fox) was a compilation of Englands fictitious Scarlet Pimpernel and notorious real-life figures such as the California outlaw Jo... vezi detalii



Because you have begun reading this article, I want to tell you something or rather, ask you: who is your friend or who are your friends? Why did you choose these ones and not others instead? You need them or they need you? Do you see them to be the same friends when you are sad, as they are when you are happy? Because, in my case, it is different. If it is a hot day I have a certain kind of friends I want to meet, but if it is a cold one, they are different. Still, there are a few of them that are the same no matter what kind of day it is. Obviously, they all are my friends, but the latt... vezi detalii


Welcome to Roumania

The Roumanian regions reunites zones with tradition and turistic potential, either geographical reasons, either etnografics and folkloric reasons. Muntenia, Oltenia, Dobrogea, Moldova, Bucovina, Maramuresul, Transilvania and Banatul each have theire charm. Although Romania is a relatively small country, it's land and countryside offers quite a few attractions never to be found somewhere else in the world. A high percentage of natural ecosystems is covered with natural and semi-natural ecosystems Since almost half of all forests in Romania (13% of the country) have been managed for watershed... vezi detalii


A Major Sistem Of Law The English Law

The law is a set of rules wich form the pattern of behaviour of a given society. The laws with which we have to deal differ from the laws of nature which are rules derived from observation of the physical universe. One school of thought which has persisted through the ages, and which was epitomized by the work of John Austin (1790- 1859) a follower of Jeremy Bentham (1748 1832) has it that law has nothing to do with justice or morality because it is a command of political superiors ultimately backed by a sanction, an unpleasant consequence (such as imprisonment), in case of disobedience. T... vezi detalii


Fire Fighting

Marine fire incidents are both very dangerous and very destructive and historically have been responsible for the loss of many lives. Ship fires are second only to shipwrecks when calculating casualties and total loss. On land, someone in a burning building can rely on a rescue by the local fire brigade who should arrive within minutes of raising the fire alarm. Conversely, a ship at sea must be self contained in its own on board firefighting capabilities. It must be familiar with specific marine fire fighting procedures. Land based fire fighters dread attending ship fires because of th... vezi detalii

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