Our men in Havana

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PART ONE Chapter 1 1 Mr Wormold, a british vacuum cleaner salesman, and Dr Hasselbacher are drinking some scotch in the Wonder Bar in Havana. They are chabbering about a nigger, about the professions and many other things.
2 Wormold is in his store, waiting for his daughter.
A customer wants to know much about all the different vacuum cleaner and asks many questions, but finally he doesn't buy nothing.
Chapter 2 Wormold is thinking about his daughter, Milly, who is very pretty. Milly is very believing Catholic while Wormold is atheist. Wormold had to promise to the mother of Milly to (erziehen) her Catholic. It seems to him, that Milly has a duenna who always takes care of her. But sometimes she loses this duenna. Once she set fire on Earl, a small boy of her school. Milly comes home from the school. Captain Segura, a police officer, had gave her a lift. Wormold doesn't like that. They speak about the birthday of Milly.
Milly has really no wishes - only one: She wants to have a horse, that stands now in the country club out of Havana. She bought yet all the equipment for this horse with the credit card of her father. But Wormold doesn't have so much money. After a long discussion, he agrees to buy this horse for 300 Pesos.
Chapter 3 1 Wormold goes to the bank to get 350 $ for the horse. Because it is an american bank, it takes a long time to get the money. There was a lot of small talk, and two long telephon calls. Wormold has an overdraft of 50 $. 2 Wormold doesn't want to see Hasselbacher this day and goes to another bar to take his daily daiquiri. A man wants absolutely to talk to him and leads him to the toilet. There, he says that he works for the British Secret Service and he wants Wormold to be,, their man in Havana. As they discuss, suddenly a man is coming. Wormold slips into the toilet and the Secret Service man called Hawthorne washes his hands, while the stranger is pissing. Afterwards, Hawthorne says that it was a police man. He leaves his room key in the basin and tells Wormold to meet him this night at nine o'clock in his hotel room.
3 Half past eight: Wormold is saying good night to Milly.
He's thinking about his bad experiences in school, because they always were laughing at him. He thinks about clowns, who make the same mistake every evening at eight o'clock and never learn from experience. He damns lerning from experience, because all the bad things like Hiroshima were caused by experience. Then they talk about praying and the mother of Milly.
Chapter 4 1 Wormold is meeting Hawthorne. But on the way to the hotel, he mets Hasselbacher. He wants to buy some lottery tickets, and Wormold has to come with him. They are seeking the ticket through the whole city, and at eleven they arrive at the hotel bar. Wormold wants to get rid of Hasselbacher and goes to the elevator. But Hasselbacher joins him and comes to the sixth floor. Suddenly, Wormold disappears down the stairs, and Hasselbacher has no ...

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