One day in Iasi

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The tour: Londra-Iasi (by plane)-Suceava-Piatra Neamt-Sighetu Marmatiei-Cluj Napoca-Londra
Day 1: 
-at 1 o'clock AM the plane arrives in Iasi.
- By 8:30 o'clock AM the tourists will rest at the Astoria Hotel. 
-At 9 o'clock the breakfast will be searved in the Hotel Restaurant.
-The tour will start at 10 o'clock AM in front of the Palace of Culture, which is one of the largest buildings in Romania. This masterpiece set up between 1906-1926 and built in Neo-Gothic style shelters impressive collections of art and high-valued traditional objects, all gatherd into a series of museums: The Museum of History in which one of the oldest items is 70.000-years-old mammoth skull, The Museum of Art which has the largest art collection in Romania, The Museum of Etnography which ownes more than 11.000 objects depicting the Romanian advance through the ages, and The Museum of Sience and Technology which offers many musical devices to the visitor's eye. The equestrian statue of Sthephan the Great is placed in front of the palace, reminding of the magnificent past of the Moldavian ruler.
-Taking in consideration the tourists interest in culture and art we will only visit the Art and Etnography Museums being accompanied along the way by a specialized guide.
-At 12:30, after visiting the Place of Culture, we will continue our tour by exploring an important place that symbolizes Romanian religion-orthodoxy. This touristic spot is represented by the Metropolitan Cathedral, wich is a massive building founded between 1840-1880 in Baroque and Neo-Classical style. The interior paintings were executed by Gh. Tatarascu. This is the great-est Ortodox Church in Romania. The Metropolitan Cathedral gathers once a year hundreds of piligrims eager to pray to the St. Parascheva relics. The tourists have 1 hour and a half ahead to discover the beauty of this attraction and to take pictures of it.
-around 14:30 the tourist will return to the Hotel Astoria were they will have lunch. 
-At 16 o'clock, after eating, they will be invited to take a walk in one of most famous gardens in Romania, the Botanical Garden. Dating from 1856, Iasi's Botanical Garden is the oldest and largest in Romania, conserving and exhibiting a rich collection of local and exotic plants from Europe and other continents. An educational and scientific laboratory, the garden houses a precious and rich collection of trees and plants. It also offers numerous shady lanes to explore, rose and orchid gardens, a collection of tropical plants, cacti, carnivorous plants, 
natural springs and a lake. It was established by the doctor and naturalist Anastasie Fatu, a great patriot, philanthropist and cultivated man. The garden is organized into many sectors, each with it's own flora and vegetation, covering today almost 100ha.
Here the tourist will spend around 2 hours. During this period of time the group will visit the green houses listening to the specialized guide. Also they can take pictures and walk along the alleys. 
-On the way back to the hotel the tourists can also visit the Copou Park which hosts the Eminescu's lime tree and the oldest monument in Romania, the Obelisk of the lions. Not far from the park rises the oldest University in Romania - Al. I. Cuza University. The guide can offer details to the tourist regarding this important educational center.
-Around 21 o'clock the tourists will have dinner in the hotel restaurant. After that they will have free program. The next day the group and the guide will continue the tour of Romania

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