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Have  you ever considered becoming your own boss? In recent years the number of people choosing to start their own business has risen significantly. Many claim that this is becouse more and more people are no longer content to work for someone else. And their first option is the internet. Whether they use it to promote their electronic cvs or to start a business on the web, it is always there to give answers for any problem.
The Internet has caused somewhat of a revolution in society, allowing people from all over the world to communicate and express their ideas and feelings. The Internet has also changed the way society treats people and the balance of power.
One of the main advantage of using the internet is the fact that it has been considered a new alternative for teaching-learning processes, vocational assessment, counseling and orientation  and intervention focused on specific health-related problems. This can give the people a great sense of freedom and allows them to do exactly what hey want without interference from anyone else. What is more, you can shop on the internet, work from home and you can have up-date news  from all over the world in an instant. By selling items over the Internet, companies can save money on employing shop assistants, administration costs and a many other things. The advantage for us - the shoppers - is that the shops then sell their goods at lower prices and are able to buy many more of the 'embarrassing' items without being starred at in a busy shopping centre. Working from home has also its advantages like having short breaks for snacks and relaxation, saving money on fuel or making your own schedule. Moreover, the Internet allows anyone who may not have the courage, or in whose locale it may not be acceptable, to reach out to others with their beliefs and ideas. This means that people who have a certain view can promote it without being worried about others laughing or holding prejudice against them. In addition, the internet is convenient. It is accessible at home, work, or through any wireless device. Finally, it gives you the ability to download and edit text and images. E-books can be easily, stealthily, and cheaply copied, for instance. And, in my opinion, it is very ease to use. Using internet requires minimal computer skills.
However, there are disadvantages considering the internet. Many people have come to the conclusion that not everyone has the access to the Iternet. And for some of the  ones who have the access, it is probably limited or to expensive to use. (fees are often charged for access to specialized information). What is more, anyone can easily access instructions on making bombs, guns, silencers, or other dangerous materials. Any user can find anything, no matter how illegal. The fact that worries me

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