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New York is the largest City in the USA, and even one of the largest in the whole world. It s subdivision in five boroughs, seperatet by various waterways: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staaten Island and Queens. They have together 816km?. NYC lies in the south but in winter it can be very cold. Also in summer 35 C can be normal. In 1990 7, 3 million people lived in New York. But the illegal immigrants are not in this list. Every third New Yorker was born in foreign countries. That s why the white peole be in the minority. The important economy factors are banks, the stock market, retail trade, advertisment and tourists. At the international stock market NY is world wide the best. Over 200 foreign country banks had filiales and over 20% of the american banks have the central in NY. Over 25 million tourists visit NY every year. NY has 6 univerities and many wellknown museen. Also the Philhamonicer Orchetra, the Broadway and the statue of libery are situated in NY. 1866 NY got it from France. A lot of people know the famous skyscrapers like the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller center. In NY there re also many parks and the famous and largest park is the Central Park with 2km?. It s hardly to belive that in NY are nearly 60 bridges and it s almost possible that every day 15 000 taxis take people to places wherever they want.
with planes and destroyed it. Many people died and it was the beginning of the war between the USA and Alkaida.
Brooklyn: If Brooklyn were an own city it would be the 4. largest In the USA.
In a few parts of Brooklyn are still proverty and racial conflicts. That s why Brooklyn have a bad image. In Brooklyn live for example: Jews, Russian, Italian, Arabian, and Indian door by door. That s why Brooklyn have it s own characterand flair. Bronx: The Bronx is the only borough which lies on the mainland. In the Bronx they re the richest (Riverdale) and the poorest (Morrisania, Hunts Point) quaters. In the south of the Bronx there is much crime. The famous sights in the Bronx are the Bronxzoo and the Yankeestadium. The bronx is named after the dutch settler Jonas Bronck, who had claimed this area as his farm back 1636. Staaten Island: The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (with 4km the longest suspension bridge in the USA) connect Staaten Island with Brooklyn.
It s very rural. Visitors always be surprised if they see the wide hills, meadows and lakes. First the inhabitants didn t want to deal with NY in any way, therfor they voted for separition several times.
Queens: About 2 million people live in Queens today. This area has been very popular for european immigrant in the 19TH cenury. Ny s two major airports are located in Queens. Queens is connect physically to Long Island.

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