New Zealand

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I believe that each already heard something of the books or the movie The Lord of the rings. Many thought that one can never bring such a great book on screen. Middle earth is invented, but who saw the film and knows, what the director, the actors and the entire crew said, knows that that middle earth existing- middle earth is New Zealand.
The Maoris calls it Aotearoa. The most remote western nation is British influenced, as the well-tended lawns show everywhere. New Zealand is appropriate for ca. 1600km southeast Australia in the south Pacific. New Zealand has approximately 3, 8Millionen inhabitants. The state consists of a north and a south island, as well as a number of smaller islands. The total area of New Zealand amounts to 270686km? - thus it is a little bit smaller than Italy. The two islands are separate by 35 km broad Cookstrasse.
Over both islands mountain chains are distributed. The north island is covered of a volcanic high country, which exhibits many active volcanos, geysire and thermal springs. However there are also numerous mountain countries with river valleys. The south peninsula against it is coined also of the alps of New Zealand, with the highest mountain Mount Cook, to the east drops these to the Canterbury Plains, to the south changes the mountains into a fjord country. Under the numerous rivers the Waikato on the north island with 425km the longest, on the south island is is it the Clutha with 340km, in addition there are numerous seas in New Zealand.
The Milford sound is one of the most famous and most beautiful lakes of New Zealand.
Largest city of the country is Auckland, with 1 millions inhabitants. Capital of the country is Wellington with approx. 331000 inhabitants. Of New Zealand inhabitant consist to 74% of European, predominantly British origin, 10% are Maori, 4% Polynesier and 12% are Indian and Chinese. National languages are English and Maori.
The climate in New Zealand is moderate, because it is isolated by the water and thus different land regions only have a little influence on the weather. Climatic differences are between east and west side, because of the mountain ranges. Thus it rains in the west more, than in the east.
If you should feel once the desire to go away to New Zealand you should doubt, that with us in the summer there is winter and turned around. So the temperatures are appropriate in January for example in Auckland around 19 C and in July are it 10. 5 C. Auckland was created 1840 and was even capital, but 1865 pulled the seat of the government after Wellington and since that time are the two cities disliked. The controversy always ends in the comparison of duration of sunshine and of precipitation. In Auckland nearly each fourth inhabitant has its own sailing boat, this proves also that New Zealand is popular with numerous sailors and also surfern because of its fair winds. A Wellingtonian, then the Aucklander jokes, recognizes one abroad always by the fact that he hold ...

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