Milk Thistle

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Scientific name: Sylibum Marianum
Milk thistle belongs to Asteraceae family and is an 
annual plant, herbaceous , with fusiform root, erect stem, about 60-150 cm tall and covered with short soft hairs.
The leaves are ovate, 8-15 cm long and their veins extend with one long thorn, between which there are many shorter barbs.
Purplish red flowers end in a vigorous spin, 1 to 2 cm long. Milk thistle blooms from June to September.
The fruit is achene, almost cylindrical.
It grows spontaneously in the Mediterranean to Central Asia. In our country only grows in culture, although it can be found in the spontaneous flora, due to easily shaking seeds and spreading by wind at great distances.
Requires a special heat treatment, with high temperatures especially during flowering and fructification.
Humidity is an important factor in the early growth stages. 
Preferred soil types are medium soils, fertile and permeable.
Thistle is sown in early spring in a uniform field which will influence the amount of harvest.

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