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Argument.pg. 2
Introduction.pg. 3
Early life & his birth.pg. 4
His childhood and yought. Early life in Florence.pg. 5
His study of anatomy. pg. 6 
Early Influences.pg. 6
Early works.pg. 7
Pieta.pg. 8
David .pg. 9
The Tomb of Julius 2. pg. 10
Sistine Ceiling. pg. 1.1
Church of San Lorenzo.pg. 12
The Last Judgement.pg. 1.4
Michelangelo and Vittoria Colonna. Poems for Vittoria Collona.pg. 15
Michelangelo's solitude.pg. 16
Piazza del Campidoglio.pg. 16
Saint Peter's Basilica.pg. 17
Drawings.pg. 18
Beyond The Reach of Time.pg. 21
Conclusion.pg. 22
Bibliografie.pg. 23

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The reason I chose Michelangelo is mainly because I am very attracted of art . it is very interesting how a man, an artist can be discovered beyond his work.
Michelangelo's work will remain in history. He is one of the gratest artist who lived.
His work caught my attention since I was little,so I trid to make a study of his life and his work.
Michelanglo is considered to be one of the greatest artist of the world.
Michelangelo (1475-1564), Italian painter, sculptor, architect, and poet whose artistic accomplishments exerted a tremendous influence on his contemporaries and on subsequent European art. Michelangelo considered the male nude to be the foremost subject in art, and he explored its range of movement and expression in every medium. Even his architecture has a human aspect to it, in which a door, window, or support may refer to the face or body, or the position of architectural elements may suggest muscular tension.
Michelangelo continually sought challenge, whether physical, artistic, or intellectual. He favored media that required hard physical labor--marble carving and fresco painting. In painting figures, he chose poses that were especially difficult to draw. And he gave his works several layers of meaning, by including multiple references to mythology, religion, and other subjects. His success in conquering the difficulties he set for himself is remarkable, but he left many of his works unfinished, as if he were defeated by his own ambition.
Early life
He is one of the greatest artists of all time, a man whose name has become synonymous with the word "masterpiece": Michelangelo Buonarroti.
As an artist he was unmatched, the creator of works of sublime beauty that express the full breadth of the human condition. Yet in a world where art flourished only with patronage, Michelangelo was caught between the conflicting powers and whims of the Medici family in Florence, and the Papacy in Rome. Unlike many artists of his time, his genius was recognized, but at what cost to his personal life?

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