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Emblem and flag
The significance of the combined elements: 
The head of aurochs, ancient symbol of Maramures, recalled the departure of Dragos and Bogdan I of Maramures to form an independent feudal state of Moldova.
Rose is the emblem of prince Bogdan
Chamois and trees evokes relief and major natural resources of the area.
Entering the mine reprezent underground riches whose operation had an important share of the county economy.
Wooden church show that it kept most imposing building of its kind in the country.
The flag of Maramures
Maramures is a county in Transylvania,region of Romania. In terms of traditional culture, the current county is composed of four distinct areas: Chioarului Country, Lapus Country, Maramures Country and Forests Country (the south-west) , plus the metropolitan area of Baia Mare.
The main mountain units are:Rodnei Mountains (the highest), Maramures Mountains and the volcanic chain Ignis-Gutai-Tibles.
The hydrographic network is represented by major rivers: the Tisa, Viseu, Iza, Lapus and Somes.
Costumes of ,,Moroseni"
Maramures is one of the few zones where the folk costume has been preserved almost unaltered by urban influences.
And although it can be admired only on Sundays when ,,Morosenii" go to church, or on the occasion of religious feasts and great fairs, each ,,Morosan", without exception, owns a traditional costume. 
Not only old people dress in traditional clothes but also "coconii" (preschool children), which explains the continued use of the costume.
Both women's and men's costume includes a bag made of woollen loom-woven textile, most often of chequered pattern. The pattern can be chromatically rich or plain black and white that is often adorned with geometric motifs, the rhomboid being the most frequent.
A lace twisted of woollen yarn serves at binding the mouth of the bag and at wearing it on the shoulder.
It is interesting that this item of the traditional costume was also adopted for use with daily clothes: blue jeans, T-shirt, leather coat and a bag on the shoulder is a common sight. 
Girls and unmarried women wear their hair plaited and covered with a scarf. On festive days the plaits are decorated with ribbons and flowers.

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