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Maine has a population of 1,286,670 which is ranked 40th among the states. 
Cumberland is the Maine county having the highest population (265,612) and Piscataquis is the county with the lowest (17,235). Cumberland county is where you'll find the highest per capita income ($29,960.00), while unemployment is lowest in Cumberland county (2.00%) and highest in Washington county ( 7.80%). The highest birth rate (12.00/1) is in Cumberland county, while the county with the largest population over 65 is Lincoln (18.20%)
Fish, hunt, stay, eat, camp or do any of the other things that life in Maine provides. It's The Way Life Should Be.. 
Camp Nashoba North
Exciting summer adventure for boys and girls located in southern Maine - Camp Nashoba North is located on Crescent Lake in the Sebago Lake region of southern Maine. Nashoba North is nestled on seventy acres of pine woods and open fields. Campers enjoy breathtaking mountain views and serene peacefulness. Nashoba North offers crystal clear water for swimming, sailing,waterskiing, windsurfing, canoeing and fishing. Nashoba North offers four, seven, and eight week sessions to approximately 200 boys and girls between 7 and 15 who hail from many countries around the world. 
Nashoba North is operated by the Seaward family, who have been in the camping field for over 40 years. 
Camp Nashoba North is accredited by the American Camping Association. 
Northern Pines
A place where the tall pines, clean water, and clean air bring you serenity and relaxation--
Northern Pines, located in Raymond, Maine, on the shores of Crescent Lake. 
Northern Pines Bed and Breakfast Plus offers individuals and small groups a place apart to let go of stress, to enjoy nurturing, to move through transitions, to improve in health in body, mind, and spirit, with our natural whole foods breakfast, natural lakeside environment, and spa services. 
Northern Pines B+B Plus offers a range of spa services, including Massage Therapy, Salt Glow Aromatherapy, Moor Body Wrap, Foot Reflexology, Transformational Breath Sessions, Herbal Facials, plus... Each service is $60.00 with a 50% advanced deposit at registration. Not all services are available every day. Enjoy swimming, canoeing, hiking or just relaxing in a hammock under the tall pines. 
The Atlantic Oakes By-The-Sea is set on the former estate of Sir Harry Oakes. This charming home derived its name, The Willows, from the graceful willow trees that once lined the drive. The Atlantic Oakes located on Frenchman's Bay on 14 acres of lush lawns and gardens. There are 8 distinctive guestroom buildings, many are weathered shingle style cottages.
Upon arrival at the Oakes, we'll take care of you so you can relax and have a good time. As owners and full-time residents we know every nook and cranny of Mount Desert Island and will be more than happy to help you design a memorable vacation.

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