Lie or Trhuth

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We all know that ART is not truth. ART is a lie that makes us realize the truth."
The Art is a man's fruit of imagination, with dreams, hopes, aspirations, love, pain, loneliness, hatred, dissapointiness or other feelings.
It is a symbol of a virtual reality, we could say, but, in many cases it reflects (emphasized or delicat) the pure truth, which means  reality.
For example if I draw myself flying on a white horse, that doesn't mean that I did it, or I'll do it, but it's an expression of my will to fly, to feel free, to explore the nature's landscapes, to be on "the top of the world". So my drawing is a LIE that makes you, the one you're watching  it realize the TRUTH that I want to fly.
On the other hand, I think that ART is a therapy

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